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This is a message from Anonymous for the people of halforums, their loved ones, and the people of the world.

It has been 56 days since George Floyd was murdered by four Minneapolis police officers. Protests have erupted throughout the United States and around the world, and are being violently repressed by officials of many governments. In China, Russia, Palestine, Pakistan, and the United States, peaceful protesters are reporting government sanctioned kidnappings, brutal violence, rape, torture, and murder at the hands of federal troops. In the United States, the Trump administration has promised to send even more of his secret police to so-called Democrat held cities throughout his country to quell the uprisings. His political and press mouthpieces are spreading his message, and largely control the narrative. Broadcasters like Fox, RT, The Daily Mail, The Sun, Sinclair, Lee Enterprises, Breitbart, OAN and others restrict their reporters from reporting on individual topics, deny the truth, print lies, and willingly help spread propaganda. They are not to be trusted. You must seek out the truth. This is not the time for a fair and balanced approach to the issues. The government wants to kill anyone who disagrees with them - that is their narrative. It cannot be made to fit into a sensible, rational, or coherent framing. Seek out independent media, local on the ground reporters, and small newspapers in your area, and around the world, for the real story.

More importantly, it is time to start taking actions to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones, and for those of you who are able, it is time to start "making good trouble," for your governments. The global pandemic is accelerating in many of these same countries, and they will start to experience drastic shortages - the kind that hearken back to war rations and the Great Depression, not the kind that send fascists into the street to demand haircuts.

Here are some tips on securing yourselves and your loved ones and for making trouble:

  • Identify the most vulnerable in your communities, their needs, their struggles, and how you can help them. They are your family. Their survival is your survival.
  • Identify the other good trouble makers in your communities and watch their backs. They are your comrades. Their survival is your survival.
  • Identify the fascists in your communities (we will not make a distinction between fascists and fash sympathizers). Watch them. Be aware of their movements. Do not engage beyond reason.
  • Plant gardens to supply your own food. There will be a horrific food shortage soon. It will be imperative that you are prepared. Canning, Pickling, Dehydrating, and even Home Freeze Drying are options for food preservation. Get food now, preserve it for later.
  • Secure your homes. Make sure that your locks are in good working order. Have an escape plan.
  • Be prepared to bug out. You should have an emergency kit for your car with two weeks of supplies, including food and water for each member of your family and pets. You should have a two month supply set aside for your home use. Store water in glass demijohns and carboys for longer storage, but rotate your supplies so that they are fresh and ready when you need them.
  • Organize, organize, organize. Make connections with family and friends with whom you can make mutual aid pacts to support each other. Once your personal circle is secured, look to support others in the community.
  • Industrial supply houses carry a lot of protective supplies that you wouldn't necessarily expect. Seek out companies like EB Bradley, WurthLAC, McKillican America, Advanced Industrial Technologies, Fastenal, Grainger Supply, Home Depot, Lowes, and more for full face respirators (gas masks), helmets, safety goggles, reinforced gloves, and yes, even full body armor.
  • Plate carriers are your friends. Find them. Buy them. Wear them.
  • Get in shape where able. You may soon be walking quite a bit more than you've ever expected to walk, or standing in line for days at a time.
  • Secure your communications. When the government is the enemy, sometimes you must work outside of what that government considers legal. Find TOR. Find TAILS. Get Signal.
Remember - the survival of the people is up to the actions of the people, and you are the people.

To the fascists that would seek to undermine our mission, know this. We see you. We're coming for you. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.
These anonymous posts don't work well when the forum just displays the user as the thread starter.

THAT SAID, I totally agree.
Usually just having someone reply to the original post is enough to cover the avatar and user name of the OP.
Yes. At least one.

And it borked all my previous ratings! Now I don't know how funny some of my old posts were!

(I still really appreciate all the work Dave and Gas and Ame and everyone else has done for the forum though.)
These anonymous posts don't work well when the forum just displays the user as the thread starter.

THAT SAID, I totally agree.
And otherwise, the poster of this message would have been a complete and total mystery. :p

I'm personally still in the appeasement camp, I guess, hoping violence and literal civil war can be avoided.
Preppers don't look so crazy anymore, though, and I'd have to agree a certain amount of peaceful preparation is a good idea.
And otherwise, the poster of this message would have been a complete and total mystery. :p
I am Sparticus, motherfucker

my new account isn't established enough to be anonymous but I don't really care so pretend it is :p
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