Space stuff (NASA, UKSA, CSA, ESA, etc)

Ok, so I'm encourageable.

Great looking launch. The sky was clear and it was easy to see separation and re-orientation of the boosters as well as the mid-flight booster burn. I was too far away to see the landings, though. The rumble hit a minute after launch and lasted for minutes. Got rumbling and sonic booms from the landing.

Got an okay picture of the pre-separation burn:
stp-2 mid-burn.jpg

I still need to find a way to properly capture the beauty of the post separation phase. I think next time I'm not doing a time exposure, I'll have to drag out the tripod anyway and try an even longer exposure:

stp-2 seperation.jpg

From the live-stream, it sounded like they got proper landings from both boosters and did not have a successful landing from the core.
Moving ~270mi/sec with less than 200mi to go.
Poor Jeb, we hardly knew ye.

From the video it looks less like it missed it's target and more like they aborted and made it veer off.


NASA’s next billion-dollar mission, called Dragonfly, will be an innovative quadcopter to explore Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, the agency announced today. The craft will soar and hover over the icy moon’s surface—and land on it—in a search for the conditions and chemistry that could foster life. (Science)
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I actually saw that room back in the early 1980's (spring of '81). It was impressive then.
Found this over the weekend. Part of an ongoing project to restore a vintage Apollo Guidance Computer, or AGC.
The AGC restoration continues. Fabricating parts and... mining Bitcoin?

Spoiler alert: it would take several million times the age of the universe for the AGC to mine 1 coin.
Smarter Every Day looks at how NASA is still processing moon rock samples:
Having to log each fragment as it broke off of the parent sample broke me. :Leyla:

Middle-of-the-night thought: will there be a similar facility on the moon itself when/if the 2024 plans actually happen? #WeAreGoing
This was a pretty good summary video. Interspersed with some stuff that was probably from some of the original "pitches" for it (some didn't happen, like there was no "arm" to move the LEM to the front).

@evilmike you out there for the ULA launch this morning?

(Scheduled for 9:01EDT for the rest of us. A little over 20 minutes from now.)
@evilmike you out there for the ULA launch this morning?

(Scheduled for 9:01EDT for the rest of us. A little over 20 minutes from now.)
Yes, I was. I was able to get to the beach just south of Port Canaveral -- I'm actually still on my way home. I should have a picture or two this afternoon.
Committed FROM space, more like.
I feel like it's not the first crime committed IN space.