[NBA] The NBA Thread

Finals MVP. League MVP. Defensive Player of the Year.

Two people have won all three: Michael Jordan and Giannis Antetokoumpo.
The Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association just won their second championship in over fifty years. (That's through three different arenas, by the way.) The Bucks feature a large male deer, known as a "buck", as their team logo.

The man who led them to that first championship, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, made the fearless prediction of "Bucks in 6" which became a rallying cry for the fans. (Hence #BucksIn6 and #FearTheDeer trending on Twitter/Facebook/etc.)

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the 2013 1st round pick by the Bucks who chose to stay with the team, despite getting offered to go elsewhere in free agency. He scored 50 points in the final game, and had key moments in the two previous games - "The Block," which sealed a win in game four, and "The Valley-Oop," where he was on the receiving end of a long pass from Jrue Holliday to slam the ball into the hoop.

And Bango... well, he's the mascot. He's named after a famous call made by the Bucks' original radio voice, Eddie Doucette, who would cry out "BANGO!" when a Bucks player made a long jump shot. I bought the stuffed version back in the Oughts when I was still a Milwaukee Admirals STH and grabbed little things like that at the Bradley Center pro shop.

And the only NBA game that I have ever attended was at the MECCA Arena (nka University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Panthers Arena), featuring the Bucks.

EDIT: Oh, by the way: it's GEE-AH-NIS AH-DEHDO-KOON-BO.