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That feeling when you are ready to take your next certification exam, but everything is shut down due to a national holiday...so you're only going to finish one class this week :(
I've lost 50% of my vocational nursing class so far and we are still in the 2nd semester (one to go!)
Somehow, even though they were on vacation, my instructor approved my latest cert test July 3, and Scheduling Services issued me a test voucher July 4.
End result? I'm now ITIL Foundations V4 certified.

Next class: Scripting and Programming - Applications

This is a pretty in-depth class, and I feel sorry for newbs who have to take it. It's WGU's first real to-in-the-water for programming. It's in C++, and requires you to use arrays of pointers as part of the rubric, and then freeing that memory. I feel pretty bad for anyone who has to deal with it. I haven't dealt with pointers in so long, it took me all day to knock out the 400 lines of code or so that was required to meet all of the requirements. I can see why they'd expect someone to take 30-45 days to complete.
Turned in my work (final code count: 503 lines), and amazingly, they graded it already. Pass.
69/122 credits. Past the half-way mark ;)
Operating Systems for Programmers
I did a lot worse on the pre-assessment than I was expecting to do. Lotta Solaris and Linux memory management questions. So I spent 2 days studying (taking a day off after all of that c++ work I had to do), and passed today. 72 credits out of 122 needed.
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Technical Communication.
15 pages of writing: An inter-office memo, a fact sheet, 2 pages of writing analysis, and 11 pages of a proposal for a fictitious solution to a fictitious company. It's all turned in. The memo, fact sheet and analysis are graded. Just waiting for the 11 page proposal to be graded to be done with this class.
C484 - Organizational Behavior and Leadership.

Took the pretest an hour ago, and passed with an exemplary. It covered a lot of things I already knew from past trainings, like Marlow's Hierarchy of Needs and that kind of thing.

So, I just scheduled the final without reading the material--and passed.

78/122 credits complete.
hah :D I'm allowed some post-test brain fuzz ;)
In all honesty, I don't remember names very well, so I kinda remember the 'shape' of the name and the data points they're attached to.

Went ahead and did C175 - Data Management Foundations.
In this class, you had to know a little UML, what the difference between cardinality and modality was, what the difference between a unary, binary, and ternary relationship was, and know some elementary SQL. Plus, you had to know a chapter on Data Warehousing, which is where I missed most of my questions.

Still, passed with exemplary. ..the score line there represents six questions missed (which you can only figure out if you inspect the html element and then do some math on the percentage fill times the number of questions asked).

81/122 credits earned

Week 11 update.

10 classes remaining, 66% done. 4 classes with tests remaining, the rest are 'practicals'..things like writing code.

Tomorrow evening, I'm taking my CIW Interface Designer certification for C773 User Interface Design. I'm a bit nervous about this one. I know the material very well, however, all the chatter on Reddit is that this test is badly written by a non-native English speaker, so it can be difficult to sometimes discern the question and/or correct answer. I'd be bummed if this was the first test I failed at the first time.

Last upcoming cert: Oracle Database PL/SQL Developer.

The last two tests after the certs are
  • a MySQL hybrid final, with half of the test being questions, and half of the test being a lab.
  • a Software QA final.
C773 - User Interface Design.

After all of the negative things I've read about C773, I totally over prepared for this class. I read the udemy material several times, did the quizlets, did the chapter quizzes. I did poorly on the chapter quizzes and quizzes in the cohort material (scoring in the 70's percentile)...they totally sucked, were vague, and badly written. I was really worried about the actual cert test. But it wasn't anything like that.

Almost all of the conversations in reddit talk about how CIW test is hard to understand, and vague, and seems like it was written by a non-native speaker. I felt like I understood every question, and I felt like most of the answers were pretty clear. That said, there were only 3 questions on the test that I felt I wasn't 100% on. And one question on website security that I felt had no right answer at all. I hit my final "end test" button secure that I'd have missed, at most, 4 questions.

I missed 8 (if my math is right), so I'm not really sure where the disconnect was...maybe that's why people are seeming to have a hard time with it.

9 classes left, 85/122 credits.
Had some vacation downtime, so I finished a class night before last, C188 Software Engineering. It was mostly how to create a design document. Upcoming classes (Software I and II) deal with actual programming.

Banged out a 15 page document with visual aids (flow charts and UMLs) in about 5 hours. Had a couple of go-rounds with my evaluator about my scope section, but finally it passed yesterday. 89 credits in. 33 credits/8 classes remain. 3 months of term completed, 3 months left. I think I can probably finish up this term :D
Woke up early. Decided to get some more schooling done during my dead time. Next class is C856-User Experience Design

This class has multiple submission requirements. I have to write a UX design timeframe, and create a "persona"--a fictional user that I envision is using the site. The goal is to make sure the site meets the persona's needs. Then I need to create a mock-up (low-fidelity wireframe) and then a working prototype.

I will need help with the wireframe portion! I am supposed to do 'guerilla usability testing"--three users who will look at my wireframes and then give feedback (from which I will analyze for actionable and non-actionable items). I have completed the timeframe and persona, and will start on the wireframe as soon as I can get access to my Balsamiq license. So that might be finished today too.

If anyone would like to volunteer to look at my mock-ups and provide feedback, let me know!