1980s cartoon

I got recommended that too. I kind of hate he uses the Rhino DVD release version of the intro with a lot of added PEW and POW noises added on top.


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I've always assumed that the video production team just chopped up/looped the beginning of the theme to fit the run time of the credits. I always did that kind of stuff when I was making commercials at the radio station, though I usually found ways to make it sound better than a record skipping, with things like crossfading and picking better parts of the song (that was a really awkward spot to loop back to start), and so on and so forth.
I keep listening to this soundtrack while I do other things and I have come to these conclusions.

1) Season 1 tunes are fantastic, almost top to bottom. Just immensely varied instrumentation feeling like a very odd mix of 70s cartoon orchestra with the beginnings of 80s synth here and there. Some rockin' guitars too. I will always love the season 1 intro the best.

2) Season 2 is generic as shit and it's obviously because they were sharing music with GI Joe, so all the Transformers motifs are out the window and everything is as generic as possible. Fuck season 2's contributions.

3) Season 3 is super hit and miss but at least all the bad attempts at copying Vince DiCola's movie work are distinctly transformers and the Decepticon and Autobot leitmotifs are back in the soundtrack again. There are some funky fucking bass riffs throughout this season's tracks.

Also, I want to watch season 3 and feel like I'm 6 years old on Saturday mornings again. I didn't have cable, but we had the Five Faces of Darkness VHS tape and the movie, Canadian version which did not edit out Spike's "Oh shit", so I always thought there was swearing in Transformers though it did have an absolutely hideous cover.

I'm on this kick thanks to finding out there's new Image Transformers comics accidentally after reading what I thought was a completely unrelated Robert Kirkman comic.
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