[Console] Animal Crossing: Design Ideas and Stalk Market Disasters

My husband has 519 turnips right now. I can open him in a little bit, but only for a little bit, because I have to take my son to the dentist.
That would be fantastic please. I need three trips, but I can be fast and will tip each time.

thank you!
Dodo code: 6Q84F

I'll keep it open for a bit assuming it doesn't crash.
Thank you very much! I left tips by the popcorn machine each time.

I really appreciate your help :)
If anyone else wants to sell, I'm going to take a shower then close his gate when I'm done, and these are morning prices, so they won't be around later.
Celeste is over. If anyone wants to come get a DIY, my gate is open.
It seems you can only get one DIY from Celeste per day, she's also on my island and I picked up her DIY before visiting Dei.
Turnips are 148 here, I might as well drop them now to at least make some profit
Chèvre is making log decorative shelves. They look pretty cute. Please let me know if you would like to stop by to visit her.
@BErt Again Thank you very much for your letter and pattern :) I sent you what I hope is a new to you one.

Does anyone have the white phone booth or lifeguard chair?

I would be happy to trade NMTs or my Nook mile items:

yellow/white lifeguard chair
Red portapotty
White street lamp
Green drink machine
Blue bench
White snack machine
Gold phone booth
Blue cotton candy
Red/yellow jungle gym
White lighthouse
Brown monster
Brown pool
Dark purple/jewel colored teacup ride
I will never understand the decisions they make regarding how big each model is

@Squidleybits i have the white lifeguard chair, i can order you one to arrive tomorrow. I dont need anything in return at the moment :)
The fish statues are so disappointing compared to the bugs.
I realise it’s super early, but Lolly is making a cutting board if anyone would like to stop by and learn it from her.
i fell back asleep, but i will add you for the next time lol
We have the same Nintendo name! I love it :)

I got you a copy of the pattern :)

You’re more than welcome to come grab it now or later on if that works better.
Kyle is making a golden casket. I’ve opened my gates to friends if anyone is interested.

His house is the top left one to the right of the museum.

I’ll be afk working.

Turnips are 147.
I will have a 90,7% Chance of a high spike in turnips tomorrow evening. Up to 650. I will post again when I know the exact price and the gates are open.
The turnip price is now 333. According to the turnip prophet it won't get higher. Everybody who is interested can come and sell.

Dodo Code 4L5RT