A colleague of mine made about €5000 selling his dogecoin....when they went up to about €0.10. He's still kicking himself over that


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I'm down to $35 still. Had I logged in last week it would have been $47 so I'd have only been down $3. Not since I purchased would I even have broken even.
I bought some bitcoin to buy some specialized online tools that I didn't want to put on my credit card. In the 9 days it took the ACH to clear at CoinBase, I'd gone up $15. I was hoping to zero out, but now I have a balance hanging out :(
What kind of morons allow a loan with something as quickly depreciating as a computer?
Probably the same exact guys who would set up a a couple working part time with a $2 million mortgage in 2006 while making that loan the collateral for new financial investments. Finance people are the stupidest motherfuckers imaginable.


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Just take your money and flush it down the sewer:

What a giant, stinking turd of an idea, and all the crypto-bros will praise it anyway.


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So, if I understand this correctly, groups are trying to add NFTs into Bitcoin's blockchain, but that will cause multiple problems for using Bitcoin as currency, and even break some other Bitcoin uses.