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Da Rules:
  1. People must enter by the dates specified in order to win a prize.
  2. Participants must post a picture and a -reasonable- goal for the end of the month.
    • This can be anything ranging from a specific number of pounds lost/gained, pants size reached, weight increase (in terms of lifting), how much distance ran... etc. etc.
  3. Feel free to post pictures for motivation! PICTURES ARE OPTIONAL.Pictures should be posted with each check-in so you can see your progress. Keep in mind, if pictures are posted:
    • NO nudity.
    • NO creeping on participant.
    • ABSOLUTELY NO insulting/poking fun at participant.
      • I understand there can be some friendly jabs between friends about posters or other ridiculous things, but come on, you know what I'm talking about.
    • You can wear whatever you want in this too. This isn't biggest loser where they throw them up there in boxers and a sports bra. Throw on a baggy t-shirt if you want, you'll still see some progress if you keep up with the photos.
  4. Keep us posted with the progress. I'm not going to ask members to post their initial weight unless they want, but be sure to show how much weight you're losing/gaining/etc.
  5. No lying.
  6. Seriously.
    • It's only hurting yourself here.
    • And you're literally just winning something I pick up from a dollar store or walmart or something silly.
  7. At the end of the month, me and two other judges will decide who gets the prize!
So, let's get this rolling! Feel free to throw any criticisms, amendments and whatever else at the rules.​
Alright, I'll officially enter then...

My main goals are to be able to do 10 widegrip pullups in one set, 20 normal pullups in one set, 80 pushups in 2 minutes and 90 situps in 2 minutes. (I shamelessly lifted the pushups and situps from Docseverin... because they seemed badass).

Secondary goal is to hold a plank position or V-sit stabilizer for more than 3 minutes.

Tertiary goal is to look totally awesome.

Current capabilities (as of August 16th, 2012):
40 pushups max
50 situps before failure
8 pullups
0 widegrip pullups (this one is going to SUCK)

I'll have to get a picture added later though.

*Edited to update goals and add starting ranges*


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I think we're going to make the pictures optional, I think a few people are turned off on the idea.[DOUBLEPOST=1344544233][/DOUBLEPOST]But if you want to upload 'em, do it! Great to see progress. You can even just throw your main FB one up there for comparison.
That's cool... I may still do a picture just to motivate myself more. I can also prove I met my main goals with a video (provided I actually do meet them).
I'm not even sure how to measure my progress...I've always just gone based on how I feel. Numbers and physical goals make me nervous.

But, my goal is to fit into size 6 pants (I'm a 10 now). I'll And to lose the extra fat in my arms.

Where do you want us to post pic's BananaHands? Cause I'm definately going to be doing picture progress. :)
I might get in on this as well. My goal is gonna be hard to quantify since I don't expect to gain any weight or know how to measure increased attractiveness in a skinny dude...

- Be an attractive skinny dude.
- Avoid having a beer gut.
I do believe I'm going to sign on to this... thus far, little in the way of mutual motivation has come from anyone else here (although Lord knows, my wife TRIES... she just caves in too easily when I'm in "growly-bear-mode" first thing in the morning *sweatdrop*). I think that if were to be held accountable on HERE, I could keep this up.

With photos. The scary scary photos...

Goal? Back down to 205-200 lbs, with a 20-minute 3-mile time, and 10 pullups.
I did some weighing and benchmarking to help establish some solid goals.

As of this night (8/10/12), current:
weight: 218lbs
maximum continuous pushups: 28
maximum continuous sit-ups: 31

By the end of September, which is in 51 days, I hope to get down to at least (or at most?) 205 lbs, at least 50 pushups and 60 situps in one continuous rep. To achieve this, I'll be giving myself a calorie cap of no more than 2000 per day, will do pushups and sit-ups every MWF, and will go jogging for 30 minutes every morning on Mondays through Saturdays. I'll post pictures of myself on Monday.


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I'll jump in on this, though I'm cheating a little for my first post.

Top is back in May when I was ~152 pounds, below is today at ~170.
Ugh... pictures will have to wait until after work today - I took too long getting up this morning, and didn't have enough time after I did my run. *facepalm*

Weight: As of Friday, it was 244 lbs (110.7 kg) I've always been heavy for my size, but this is far too excessive.
Pictures forthcoming, but I weighed myself this morning and was surprised/happy to learn that I'm actually up to a healthy 158.
I'd like to put myself as down for this. A buddy of mine along with myself recently entered a gentlman's agreement to see whom could lose the most weight by new years. He wasn't able to make the official weigh in that's r said we'd do, due to a sudden increase in his work schedule but hopefully that'll happen soon enough.

As for this I think my goal will just be to keep my slow but steady pace of weight loss going. 1-2 lbs a week at least and keep eating right. I can post pictures of my scale as my progress report.
Let it begin!! :)

Here I am in all my glory. Unedited, un-makeup-ed, un-hairbrushed even.

As I said before, I'm hoping to drop down to a size 6 pants. I would like my thighs to not touch so much - if I had a gap, I would be so excited. I would like to tone up my arms, since they're huge, but it's all flub. But really, I just want to take these pictures and start to see a difference between newer and older photos.



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I'm going to post my pictures/goals tomorrow, I have a physical in the morning anyway and can ask for a realistic weight goal.
I had a salad today. I've been hovering around the 230lbs mark (plus or minus a pound) for too long. I don't photograph well (I have the same problem as Marshall on HIMYM), so that's probably out, but otherwise I'm in. I'll figure my goal soon.

I've been using myfitnesspal.com off and on for a while now, it's got a nice interface, big food and exercise database, and mobile apps (with barcode scanner) for people. If people want we can set up a halforums group (need 3 people to start a group). My username on there is crcovar. Feel free to add me.


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Hey guys, I'll have to post tomorrow. My physical this morning ended up finding my heart is just as messed up as it was before the surgery, so apsfihasod;gihasdgihag.

Although it definitely throws a curveball in this HalFitness thing. I'm still in, just going to have to tweak my goals a bit.
Ok, so I did a benchmark test last night on the exercise bike and... I could only really hack it for 10 minutes. Weight range is around 260 to 265 (the only "scale" I have is the Wii Fit Plus board, and it's highly inaccurate). And even those 10 minutes on the bike made getting to sleep last night much easier. I was able to get to sleep at 1:30am instead of between 3:30 and 6am.

My goal is to get up to 30 minutes on the bike, 30 crunches, and 15 to 20 push ups, and to be able to get to sleep no later than midnight and preferably no later than 11pm. I'm also hoping to get the fridge cleaned out tonight so I can start packing it full of healthy ingredients and snack options; instead of pizza, soda, and ice cream, and to pick up some food storage containers so I can take leftovers to work for lunch instead of buying junk food from covenience stores for lunch. There's no way that eating a bag of Funyuns or an entire can of Pringles along with beef jerky and a candy bar is good for me.

You can get a pretty cheap digital scale at target for like 10-15 bucks. I'm not 100% how accurate mine is but I know I'm getting at least a good idea of my weight. I weigh myself in the mornings and evenings to just kind of see what my daily habits are doing for me.

For sure clean out the fridge or at least make note and start getting better stuff. I get frozen chicken that I can heat up in my skillet for about 100-200 calories per meal depending on how hungry I am. I also make my own salad instead of gettin the pre-bagged kind. It's a better value and I'm putting exactly what I like in it like olives and mushrooms and broccoli. I use a fat free Italian dressing which is only 15 calories per 2 tablespoons so even if I do go overboard on it I'm not killin myself. If you're like me you may find that it's not so much the sweetness of soda that you crave but the fizzyness. I've switched to zero calorie ones like Fresca and sprite zero and now even coke zero tastes too sweet for me. It's actually kind of a weight off my shoulder knowing that I don't really like normal soda anymore. It also makes transitioning into water during the mid day easier. I'm down about 20lbs so far mostly through diet change and I'm sure it would be more if I cut out beer completely.

Anyway sorry. What you said reminded me a lot of what I just went through these last few months. I hope this helps a little.


Oh yeah and I'm making myself go to bed earlier. I'm trying to recognize that point in the night where I'm no longer doing anything of real value and going to bed then. Like if I'm on my 3rd episode of something on Netflix I just finish that up and go to bed even if it's like 9.
53 Pushups in 2 minutes
60 Situps in 2 minutes
2 Miles in 14:15

190lbs I want to have a 6 pack again,
80 pushups in 2 minutes
90 situps in 2 minutes
13:00 minute 2 miles.
I wouldn't mind a fuller more defined chest and shoulders as well


I...tihnk I want to try this.

I've bitched about my problems enough that I shuold do something.

However, what goal can a girl that doesn't gain or loose weight set?
You could measure your success by strength instead. Forget weight.

Set a benchmark with situps/pushups or anything else you would like. Then at the end of a month see how many more you can do. I think you'll start to feel better about yourself (which I think is the best outcome of exercising, personally.) and if nothing else, I think that at least some exercise will give you more energy for your day. I know it does for me. :)

Join us LittleSin!
Ok I'm not posting pictures, but my goal is to run a 5K on November 3rd. Registration isn't open yet (!!!), but when it does open I am going to sign up. I'm already on their VIP email list so I'll know as soon as it does open. Right now I'm using the other thread to keep me accountable for working out during the week.

Update: I just got the email that registration opens on 8/17!! WHEE!
Taken last night... sorry for the delay! Note the mid-torso problem area *growls*

Jesus, I need to take smaller photos with my phone...


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Okay! Sorry about the delay.

So, let's get this rolling.

Current Weight: 213
Height: 6'1
BMI: 28.1

I'm aiming to be about 200 by october. Thirteen pounds shouldn't be that hard, I'm just going to cut back on the beer, carbs and just fast food in general (need to save money!). October 1st I'm moving to the city again and I'd love to take it by storm. I just have to make sure to get off my bum and not spend the weekends ruining all the trips to the gym over the week.

Here's the pictures. Ignore the marks on my chest, had to wear this stupid 24 hour heart-rate monitor.

I'd love to actually start getting some definition or something too. But I'm going to work on the extra weight too. Eventually 190 would be wonderful (and apparently average for my height).
I know there was a no creeping clause in the contest but...daaaamn Azure. Meow!
Geez, you're gonna make me blush... thank you LittleSin. I'll take the ego boost and hopefully I can improve by the end of September :).

I updated my goals a bit (lifted a few from the Doc because I figure trying to keep up to a crazy skydiver is an excellent motivator) and added my current status on all the exercises. I can't believe I can't do a single widegrip pullup right now. It's going to be BRUTAL to try and make it to ten.

This is great though... I hope everyone here can stick to their goals and we can all be leaner and meaner at the end of this :D
You guys are just...yay! I'm so glad to have so many people on board with this and I'm so excited to see everyone's progress and updates.

I kind of want to hug everyone of you.


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Okay, so the last day for people to enter is September 27th!

Also, the next check-in is September 1st! That's when we'll start doing monthly winners. Anyone else willing to judge? I might muscle Kags into doing it, but we should get one more.