Halloween (2023)

Didn't get MANY trick or treaters(a few) but the first ones were too polite thanking me to remember to say "Trick or Treat", the second one was so ecstatic I recognized him as Luffy he said he was "Going to fight Kaido" and one of the last kids of the night said "Vote for Pedro!" A child. FROM THIS YEAR-making a Napoleon Dynamite reference, what a world!
I live* out in the country** so we never get trick or treaters

*Being evicted
**They've been building suburban neighborhoods all over here and have begun construction across the street.
I bought some candy but all the kids in town just go to the trunk or treat on main street. No dealing with hostile wandering drunks then.
It was cold, windy, and flurries here, but I had a steady stream of kids for the first hour and a half... They barely made a dent in the candy we put out, but the non-candy stuff we put out went over pretty good.

We had squishy eyes, necklaces, bracelets, glow-in-the-dark bats and hands, and some other things. We also had a fire going at the end of our driveway, which also went over well for a quick warmup before most got back into their warm cars (some walked).

We also had decorations out (with plans to expand next year) for most of the month - two inflatable dragons (who had to get moved to our garage out of the 40+ mph wind gusts so they didn't get damaged, our 8 foot tall dragon with moving wings barely fit inside), an inflatable spider with webbing in the trees, and an inflatable ghost looming over a cemetery scene.

I want to estimate we had over 50 kids this year. It was the most we've had since we moved here - we only had a few kids two years ago, last year we had a couple dozen.
Not even half the candy gone. I should have dumped the bowl with the last set of kids. No one after 7:45. It was quite chilly and wet so that kept kids away I think.
Ours was the usual Halloween, except the weather was kinda crap. Li'l Z is old enough that we let him wander around with his friends on their own, but we also meet up with everyone in a particular, mostly closed-off neighborhood. One parent hosts a party for us all, and it makes it a good night.

We do have one of the better decorated homes in our neighborhood, so I leave a bowl of candy out on the porch to not disappoint any local trick-or-treaters. This is the first year ALL the candy was gone except for 2 pieces, and the bowl was still there, too. (I bought a Dollar Store candy bowl years ago so in case someone stole it, I wouldn't care. Funny enough, it's still here and in one piece!)
2nd year in a row..zero trick or treaters....sigh. This neighborhood is too full of old people.
That must mean they're handing out butterscotch candy from glass ashtrays.

The weather was pretty chilly here so we didn't get as many as before. Still, we had maybe 20-25 come by. We handed out full-sized bars and the kids were glad to get those.


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I never get trick or treaters. But the neighbors were kind enough to set off enough firecrackers to stink up the whole neighborhood for most of the evening.
Forgot to mention. A couple of houses down from us have a skeleton stripper on a pole with two skeletons in chairs watching. I'll snap a picture if they're still up.