Minor victory thread

While this is the information we have, I'm not sure it's the information we deserve.
I just thought this was kinda neat: I just found out that a pair of sneakers that my roommates have had around the house (and wear occasionally) were worn by Jesse Eisenberg during the filming of The Art Of Self-Defense.
They worked on the film as crew and were given the shoes after the wrap.

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Last night I watched Bumblebee. It was the first Transformers movie I've seen since the animated movie on VHS. It was fine.

It's a minor victory because I watched it as a result of winning a contest. I'm a big fan of Sideshow Collectibles despite refusing to spend big money on toys because they do big week-long events, specifically around Halloween, and give away codes for money you can spend there. Last week was Sideshow con online, and I won a fancy ass Bumblebee sixth scale action figure.
After months of being unemployed, I will start a new job on monday.
Better pay, more benefits and better hours. Couldnt be happier.

And about time. because I am broke.
Going to be hanging out with my brother and his wife today for the first time in a long while. He's going to try to run a small D&D session for us, which we haven't done in a long time as well.