Space stuff (NASA, UKSA, CSA, ESA, etc)

Not to mention that it's difficult to get a good picture of the moon that also includes a good picture of anything else.
NASA announced that it was delaying the launch of its SpaceX Crew-1 mission to the International Space Station until early to mid-November because of issues with the spaceflight company’s Falcon 9 rocket....

In a statement posted Saturday, the agency said that there had been “off-nominal behavior” of the Falcon 9 first stage engine gas generators during a recent non-NASA mission launch attempt. (Gizmodo)
NASA is live streaming the OSIRIS-REx landing on the asteroid Bennu.

Also, the crawler made the 5 hour trip from the VAB to Pad-39B today:
The Cargo Dragon docking Monday raised the space station’s mass to 996,828 pounds, or about 452 metric tons, including the two visiting Dragon vehicles, two Russian Progress supply freighters, a Soyuz crew capsule, and a Northrop Grumman Cygnus cargo ship, according to NASA. That’s a record for the space station’s mass since the retirement of NASA’s space shuttle fleet. (SpaceflightNow)

@Bubble181 went to space today?
Ah, well, you see, we've now entered a new stage where the Queen has requested we start rolling out air- and space capabilities for the Scampering. Ground-based are obviously the Doomies, sea is handled by the otters, and we're the airforce. Space... Well, it's just an extension of the air, isn't it?

Please don't tell the doomies before we've deployed all the satellites
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The Transporter 1 launch that was rescheduled from yesterday' went off without a hitch. The launch is a rare, polar launch. This is only the second "around the poles" launch from Florida since the 1960's. Unlike most launches where I'm trying to get as close as is practical to the launch site, this rocket flew south from Cape Canaveral, so all I had to do was get to the beach and let the rocket come to me. It seemed like it flew practically right overhead.

transporter 1 2021-01-24-01.jpg