Sparhawk's wife's journey

Renea got to come home yesterday. She's tired, but feeling good, everything is going great. Lots of incisions that have been glued/stitched up.

She started with 5 wound drains, they were able to remove one before leaving the hospital yesterday. Literally has an incision that runs from hip to hip across the front where they removed skin and fat to rebuild her breast, incisions that run completely around (well duh, it wasn't there before) her new left breast, and incisions around the bottom/up the underside/around the nipple of the right breast where they did a reduction and lift. Heaviest pain killer than she's on is Tramodal, they offered heavier stuff but she refused. She's resting and recuperating here at home now, and looks forward to being able to sleep a night in our bed again in the near future, but that's still at least a couple of weeks away.