[Brazelton] Stan Lee dead at 95


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About his cameos:

Poor taste and I'm sorry, but I think we all know how I feel about his cameos.
I suspect we'll see him one last time during the next Avenger's movie, assuming they finished filming already. That's probably the best "out" I can think of for him; he gets his last cameo to be during the "end" of Phase 1, signaling the end of that series while the next series starts.

Considering everything that's been going on during his last days (the allegations of elder abuse, the courtroom fights over his money, his relationship with his daughter taking a turn), I can only hope he's in a better place. And that Jack Kirby's there to pop him one before they reconcile.
He lived quite the life and I won't be surprised if he continues to show up in cameos. Pretty sure they filmed a bunch of them knowing his time was growing short.
I knew it was inevitable. And likely soon. But dammit, it's still not easy to hear Stan Lee passing.

Excelsior, Smilin' Stan. Excelsior.

Also, I'm very happy to be enjoying classic Marvel stuff lately. I recently read the first three Spider-Man Epic Collections and started reading Kirby/Lee's Fantastic Four just last night.
Aw fuck. The end of an era, the departure of a titan, and the conclusion of my favorite series of cameos.

(Fite me Dave)


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I wouldn't be surprised if they Tarkinize him. Lee was the Grand Moff of Marvel.
He would do a dozen or so different lines for his cameos and then they would pick their favorite. They have a trove they could use without faking it.
Hopefully they put his coffin right on top of his dickbag manager that basically used him like a confused, disoriented ATM.

RIP Stan.
Aww, man, this is really sad. I mean, it wasn't a secret his health was failing and 95 is a pretty good life lived. Not to mention, though I know Dave is not a fan of them, there has got to be something amazing about living long enough to stand beside the characters you helped create brought to life.

Avengers 4 is going to be extra sad. If he has one last cameo, we really will be losing all the originals. :(


Mark Evanier posted a remembrance that somehow was both loving and realistic about his achievements. Based on other posts about comics, i would think both @ThatNickGuy and @DarkAudit would find it interesting. Still a sad moment.


EDIT: for anyone that cares, Mark Evanier was both an apprentice and biographer of Jack Kirby.


Mark’s blog the last few years has just been eulogies, I can’t imagine thats fun. The day he posts Sergio’s my brother and I literally will be taking off in remembrance. :/
Man, we all knew it was coming, but we still kinda never expected it.
I saw the news and my first words were "What? HOW?"

Even though that was really obvious. Much respect to him; he seemed like a terrific person. He had such a huge impact on so many things I love.
In the Lego Marvel Superheroes credits, you can hear Stan Lee singing the ballad of the Merry Marvel Marching Society. It starts at 1:50


I know John didn't mean this in a negative and I wouldn't take it negatively either. But from when Stan flirted goofily with my friend's wife at the Calgary Expo a few years back (and why I have a signed Fantastic Four comic with Doctor Doom on the cover drawn by Jack Kirby and signed by him framed on my wall), CAN CONFIRM ANECDOTALLY.
Yeah, I've heard that from other sources too. It's not like he was predatory or creepy, just he loved him some titties.

I know that AZ Powergirl and Ivy Doomkitty spent time with him at conventions and he certainly seemed to appreciate their assets but in a passive, nice way I guess?

Bender's telling it straight.