had this random thought which I posted on FB:

I do my most profound thinking on the commode. Today's profound thought:

Imagine what it's like to be a changeling baby. You're a human child, stolen away by fairies. They speak a language you can never learn, and they have complex rules you don't fully understand. But you learn that if you break them, you are punished.

They feed you, care for you, treat you when you are sick, devote attention and fawn over you. They are stronger and smarter than you, and you are dependent on them for your very existence. You are surrounded by them, and very rarely see another of your own kind--all changelings, much like yourself. If you're lucky, you're in a fairy family with other changelings, but you might as easily find yourself alone in this strange situation.

But they show you great affection. And you grow up, and grow to love them as much as they seem to love you. Eventually, you grow old, even though they don't seem to change much at all. And then you die. And they cry for you.

This must be pretty much exactly what it's like to be a pet dog.
Facebook memories reminded me of when I worked my last shift at Blockbuster Video 10 years ago. So here's a short (2 tweet) thread I posted with some ye olde pictures.

Man, I still miss working there some days.

Fridge broke, temp fix in place.
Natural Disaster declared, now resolved for us.
Stove broke, repaired.
Septic system broke, repaired.
Forgot my lunch at home.

Yeah, it's been a fun 36 hrs.