The Tech Random Crap Thread

Are T&C's for apps legally enforceable? Because they really shouldn't be.

And that's average reading speed. With T&C's being written with legal jargon they'll be harder to read which should slow reading speed down making these take even longer to read.
I bought a gaming headset last night (I wanted a wired, over the ear one with a flip mike that can be muted for longer sessions at my laptop) and when I went to install the software to allow me to change the colour of the lights on it (you know because that's a key feature lol), Windows freaked. I allowed it because I can't imagine that can be a security issue, but am I missing something?
Sometimes custom drivers are not officially ”approved” by Microsoft, because getting Microsoft to give their official blessing can be a hassle.

Windows Defender is usually enough realtime protection. Malwarebytes free is good for cleanup.

But if it helps your peace of mind, I'd have a hard time arguing against ponying up for the paid version. It IS good.
After a disturbing situation that my dad got into this (and last) week, I went with the paid family version. I want the kids protected and the cost of it is far less than what cleaning up a really bad mess will cost in time and effort.
Mine is all white and black and while the lights can be whatever unicorn barf you'd like they stay white as well.

I don't begrudge anyone that wants unicorn barf but it's not for me.
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Mine has these three little lights on the one corner that let me know that NumLock, CapsLock, and ScrollLock are on.

And my keys make this satisfying clackity-clack sound when I type.
I've been there.
My step-nephew: "Why is my hard drive so full?"
Me: <lets Malwarebytes run, by the time I go to bed it is at >35 thousand detections and still climbing> "Probably because of this?"
My step-nephew: "Can we not tell <stepmom> about this?"