"Wrong" vs "Censorship"


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Gotta love the UK. 1984 being set there seems more and more "on the nose" over time.
You ain't kidding. Between this and their internet clampdowns and other disturbing news coming from Old Blighty over the last few years, it's starting to look like V for Vendetta might have been more prescient than everybody thought.
I posted above about this: (partial quote only)
And in a loss for free speech literally everywhere, Canada's "if we say the constitution says it, it does" Supreme Court, says they can tell Google to remove something from everywhere on the Internet, not just Canada!

EFF link: Top Canadian Court Permits Worldwide Internet Censorship
Globe and Mail link: Canada’s top court upholds worldwide injunction against Google
Follow-up from the USA: Google Wins Ruling to Block Global Censorship Order from Canadian Court
A U.S. judge has partially blocked a recent decision by Canada’s Supreme Court that requires Google to delete search results not just in Canada, but in every other country too.

Citing the violation of American laws as well as a threat to speech, U.S. District Judge Edward Davila agreed to grant Google a temporary injunction, which means the company can show the search results in the United States.
This is the worrying part though:
It’s unclear, however, what exactly what will happen now since Google, if it restores the search results in the United States, could be acting in contempt of the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision. Currently, there are over 300 search results Google has had to suppress.
More broadly, there is ongoing unease that other companies will grow emboldened to enforce their particular rules (for instance blasphemy laws in Thailand or treason laws in Turkey) beyond national borders.
We'll see what happens I guess