Owls and rabbits. Two demonic creatures made lovable thanks to a thick fuzzy overcoat of adorableness hiding their true appearance.

Geez, man, isn't Bubble going through enough right now??
To be fair, I am, in fact, a demonic creature made lovable thanks to my thick fuzzy overcoat of adorableness.
When my fiancee figures that out, I still can't tell whether she'll run for the hills, or do an @Emrys and just fold my lovable ewokness owlness into her Scampering plans.
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Wait, when did strikethrough stop working? :(
It still works.
If you're using a desktop browser, just select the text and choose the strikethrough icon "
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If you are on mobile (or your desktop browser does not support the rich text editor), you can strike by hitting the gear icon (the "Toggle BB Code" option) and then surround your text like so:
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will yield This will be struck.

for all our lovers of long furry creatures. perhaps the kind of thing @Emrys would like?
Gods I hate imgur. Now I have to click on the link and then copy and paste the URL into a fresh tab to get anything from here to show up.
For me, clicking an image always opens up a new window/tab. Always. Oh, you’re only clicking to start the playback? Here, let me open up a new window for you anyway. And the new window just has the imgur banner and a blank grey square but hey at least the original image in the background tab is now playing behind it.

You can force the new window that opens up to work, by the way. You just have to edit the URL to replace the “i” near the beginning with “www” and then it works (at least for me).

Firefox Can’t Open This Page

To protect your security, imgur.com will not allow Firefox to display the page if another site has embedded it. To see this page, you need to open it in a new window.
Of course, other times I get absolutely nothing when I see a post from imgur in FF.