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I know there are other crochet folks here, so feel free to post in this thread if you want :) I don't consider it "mine"

As a reminder from the other thread, my first fox amagurumi I made ended up a bit crooked, so I put his ears on a bit crooked so it hopefully looked like he was tilting his head.

Fox #2 is already coming out a bunch better than fox #1. And faster! Everything you see here, I did today.
Do a doomweasel!
Once I don't suck, I might take requests :)

Not gonna finish tonight. I'm on the last ear. I've made 3 that were fine...and on this last one, i keep making crap after crap and having to trash them and start over. Pissy and frustrated, so it's clear I need to take a break. sigh

Couldn't get that last ear quite right this morning either. I think if I make this one again, the ears are going to be done in all orange to avoid the black yarn magic loop and the color change before the magic loop is even finished. So frustrating! Instead, I'll embroider on the black tips like I embroidered on the nose.
complete 10-20-2021 sm.jpg
complete profile 10-20-2021 sm.jpg
It's a bean!
It it's...very nearly finished. I'll finish it up tomorrow. 3 more spikes along his back, and then a bit of embroidery on his belly.

Each one of those yellow spikes along his back requires a magic loop and then just a single row after that. They're such a pain in the ass. The wee arms, on the other hand, weren't nearly as difficult as they seemed at first.
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Getting faster the more confident I get in making the stitches..this little guy took about 2.5 hours to do.
The goal *isn't* speed, of course. It's consistent stitches. I think this guy is the first one I did where every row looks fairly parallel, so I'm super happy with it.

But with the consistency and the confidence comes speed. My first one took about two days to do, working like 5 or 6 hours each day. So I'm down to about 1/5 the time, and I can make a simple one in just part of a day working on lunch and breaks.

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So, if anyone has become intrigued by my crochets, all of those animals are from TheWoobles. They sell beginner kits which have everything you need, along with patterns and step-by-step very thorough video instruction.

They just came out with some nice and chunky looking beginner no-fray yarn, which I would have loved to have started with!

If you think you might want to get into crochet or learn to make some cute amigurumi, I have an affiliate link. It'll give you $5.00 off your first order, and in the interest of full disclosure, will give me $5.00 off a future order, too.

I've already got all of their beginner kits, which means to re-do them, all I really need is yarn and plastic eyes. And I've got those already too--it's how I made a 2nd fox without buying another kit. But I wouldn't mind re-buying a couple to just try out that new yarn.
Little penguin amigurumi complete!


I have a cat kit and a unicorn kit still to complete from the Woobles company, and then I'm gonna just start going off on my own. They have a really nice looking axolotl kit, but it's been sold out forever. But, I'm feeling pretty confident that I've learned enough skills that I could make that one by referring to the patterns that I've already built from them. The body is pretty much the same as the fox or the chick, and the belly is the same as the fox or the penguin. I can embroidery the VV mouth pretty easily, and I think I could refer to the lion's mane instructions to make the gill structures. So, I'm thinking I'll give that a shot once I finish out the last two kits I already have.
So, after making 7 amigurumi using beginner kits from TheWoobles, someone asked me if I could make a baby beanie. I dunno if I can, and I was slightly terrified of doing anything on my own without videos and stuff to hold my hand at every step. But I was determined to break out of my hand-holding, so I looked up a pretty simple pattern. Eek, I have to learn a new stitch: the double crochet!

When I first thought I wanted to learn to crochet, I bought a 'beginner kit' with a bunch of sample yarn (about half skein sized), and various hook sizes. I was told the baby liked purple, and I happened to have some. My kit also had the appropriate sized hook.

A quick YouTube tutorial showed the double crochet wasn't that hard at all. And since it makes big chunky rows, I'm finding it easier to deal with than single crochets. Those beginner kits really helped my confidence and ability to just jump right in on this project.



4 rows down (3 shown in picture). 8 rows to go. It'll end up being about as many stitches (500-ish) as one of those little amigurumi, so maybe I'll finish tomorrow or day after.
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OMG, I need to get back to making the little amigurumi I can make in a couple of days. These blankets are gonna kill me. I might be able to make 10 blankets before I die of old age :)

Anyway, WIP update: 5.5 skeins of yarn in, 4.5 to go. I can only manage 3-4 rows at a time before my hands get tired, because I have to push the hook through all that fur, and because I have to feel around for the next stitch with my yarn hand (since you can't see them due to the aforementioned fur).

So, I have learned that in crochet, to undo your work is called "frogging". Because it means to rip out your stitches, and if you say "rip it, rip it" it sounds like a frog. Cute.

I mention this, because I see so many people on crochet boards that I'm on recommending frogging back to the beginning when someone messes up. And while that may be the right answer, every time I see it, I cringe. So I made this meme.