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what a beutiful game. ive been cursing it the entire time weve run our own campaign for sucking up all the cash but. ill probably have to back it.
Sorry, I've been slacking!

Add on's available to purchase-

Metal Coins $20

Dynasty Invasion, 2 new clans, 7 monsters $50

And other items which have been unlocked to go with the base game-

That's where we are at for now! Oh, did I mention they gave the minis to a professional to paint?

Some of my favorites. Check out the rest at the update here.
Well, the Kickstarter finished. Here's what you get/got with the basic pledge by the end (all I went in for, if I like it I'll pick up the expansion at retail).

Hey! G frickin D! I'd set up a 'remind me' alert from KS because I couldn't spare the cash back when it came my attention. I never got that mail! Pah! Booohh!
I don't know how people play CAH more than a couple of times.
Well, we have bought all of the expansions and all of the 3rd party Crabs Adjust Humidity in order to keep things a little more randomized, but yeah, main issue for me is that after seeing a card more than a handful of times, it gets stale. You can still get some enjoyment out of playing, but nowhere near the hilarity of a new card completely blind-siding you for the first time.
Played some of the older games in our collections today. Started off with Small World, played 2 rounds of No Thanks, th n finished with Kingsburg. A good day of gaming and it is al aye nice to revisit the classics.
Not technically a Board Game, but played Exploding Kittens with my wife this evening. Wow, quick game, but fun. NSFW version brought up some good laughs. Would play again. Boob wizards.
Went to Tabletop Day at our local game store, it coincided with a Pokemon tournament and so the place was absolutely packed and we didn't stay for very long. Did play and subsequently purchase Splendor, which is a really fun game.
I love Splendor and hear they are coming out with an expansion :)

Got to play Pandemic Cthulhu and we were lucky enough to pull off a win and close the 4 gates. I think it's better than Pandemic since it has a lot of the same mechanics but shortens the game in a clever way. Very cool game.
Friends and I played Scythe. Interesting game. The person who was ze Germans won every game though. It's really easy with their victory points for winning battles they can do. Seems a teensy bit unbalanced.
Friends and I played Scythe. Interesting game. The person who was ze Germans won every game though. It's really easy with their victory points for winning battles they can do. Seems a teensy bit unbalanced.
Huh, my first time playing I won with 'the Russians'. I'm surprised they didn't suffer in the popularity track (this is where the real victory points are, and if you max this the military player will have a hard time catching you).
My wife and I played an oldie but a goodie, Mystery Rummy: Jack The Ripper.

I forgot how much fun this game is, and Mike Fitzgerald did a great job adding interesting elements to the classic Rummy game.

Also got to play Blood Rage (which I dominated). Great game which takes about 1 hour and is very interactive:

Glory to Rome. This is a card game where the cards have multiple uses, either as resources, actions, or buildings. Deciding what to play can be tough and watching what your neighbor is doing is essential to winning:

A Study In Emerald. This is one of my favorite games of all time:

And Tigres and Euphretes, a fun game which I am terrible at:

Rainy days are great for boardgaming!
My kids have been playing a lot of Dungeon! lately. We don't have to sit there with a rule book and manual after each turn because they don't understand how to figure out their dice or damage, etc. They can follow the rules themselves, figure out what damage the mobs they're fighting can do and how much damage they are doing to the mobs, and then add up their treasures for the final race to the end. We play with them sometimes, but it isn't necessary. It is fun though.
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Ok, I've done this twice and accidentally closed it both times. Legend of the Five Rings is back as a LCG. If you are looking for a very smart 2 player game to get into, the player base is huge and the game is super clever. I love the crap out of this setting and can't wait to play a ton more.
Played Lords of Waterdeep and it's expansion for the first time. Had a better time with it than I think 99% of board games I've played. It has the exact right amount of interactivity with other players that a worker allocation game needs. Planning rounds was a blast and it had enough random elements that I'm excited for the next time I get to play it. Wonderful game. It's for 2-6 players, but I think it's perfect with 4.
Yup, good game :) I'm not big on worker placement games most of the time (they can be needlessly mean), but that one works well.
How to tell everyone exactly what kind of gamer you are, if this is peeking out of your shelf.


A recent study conducted by Hasbro revealed that nearly half of game players attempt to cheat during Monopoly games, so in 2018, we decided it was time to give fans what they've been craving all along - a Monopoly game that actually encourages cheating.
So if you've never been good at Monopoly, this version of the game may give you a leg up as long as you're a sly competitor.
"We've finally decided to embrace our less-than-honest fans by encouraging them to partake in those iconic (yet sometimes unspoken) Monopoly moments that occur during family game nights," says Berkowitz. "We're excited to see what fans can get away with and how they'll react to the new sneaky twists in the game."
Sign of the times, I guess.

My family always made the banker in monopoly, because my parents didn't want to do it, and my brothers weren't as good at math.

I always embezzled the shit out of the bank when no one was looking.