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"This Kent wants to kick ass and take names. He is frustrated and wants others to acknowledge his superior abilities and strengths.
And at the end he gets struck by lightning and dies...

At least Siegel and Shuster just copied the powers, not the story.
Part of me is excited...part of me is worried that somehow Bendis will take his place, and Bendis every book that isn't his.

We don't know what was in that golden contract they gave him, IT COULD HAPPEN!


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Blunder Twin powers, activate, amirite?

Seriously, though, I think they’re just fucking with the Comicsgate goons with this one.

All I can think about is how bad this is guaranteed to be, and I’m actually full of ideas on how to make it all not suck.
To be fair, Warlock's mutation is not being evil, like the rest of the Technarchy...

So it's not like Marvel hasn't always been silly.