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This just goes to prove that American shale oil was never a sensible business proposition on its own, just something that was economical because of deliberate choice. OPEC and Russia could've competed it out of the market at any point they wanted to.
Note that European oil, Russian oil and middle eastern oil aren't selling for negative prices. All-time lows that area below cost, yes - but there's a big difference between selling at $18 and selling for $-35.
I feel the need to point out that the origins of the data have pointed out this is a misleading tweet, as those are all oil tankers, not just the stranded ones.

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This is extraordinary. I've wondered if windows could be converted into solar panels and apparently that technology is now in the works. And solar cloths, even clothing, is being worked on. Amazing.

This technology is still being worked on, of course, and isn't available commercially, but imagine the possibilities if it was? Windows that generate electricity. Solar-powered canopies and tents. Jackets that could charge your smart phone right in your pocket.

I haven't watched the video yet, but I know that there are people working on transmissive panels, ones that convert SOME light into power, but let the rest through. We're also hearing about smart glasses from companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and more.

Imagine that leading to getting prescription sunglasses that automatically darken in sunlight...darken because they are sensing an opportunity to ramp up the charging of their built-in SmartLenz™ AR functionality.

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Recent research is now strongly suggesting that the extinction event at the end of the Devonian period (which most people know as the end of most of the trilobites) was caused by a warming climate that contributed to the destruction of Earth's ozone layer which resulted in the Earth being irradiated by UV radiation which either killed or sterilized most surface life.

Boy, it's a good thing that can't happen again.

I wonder if by "legal uncertainty" they mean "we mighht dig ourself a hole so deep we might never get back out of it again."