Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

No pants clearly shows he's nonbinary-presenting: he goes by "he", but there's no external genitalia. Pants raises the question: what's in there? What are they hiding? Was someone uncomfortable with seeing a nongendered cartoon? Why?

I think it's far more polarizing to suddenly clothe him than to simply leave him as-is, especially since the design otherwise doesn't change. It's not "we're re-designing him and oh yeah there's pants now", it's "we want to make minimal changes but yeah we have to put pants on here now".

I don't mind furries and all, but who is the pearl-clutching retro-evolutionary end point that saw a cartoon animal with no genitalia and thought "oh my goodness, how sexual and provocative, cover this up this instant"?


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"I find that when the title on the cover of the book says ... 'no pants,' I don't need to read it." - Abdul Amir, GTA IV - The Ballad of Gay Tony
I absolutely understand the dad.
My family isn't bad, but on the in-law side I bloody well make sure to like/love/laugh/hug/etc dozens of images a day. I once liked only two pictures from a group of 6-7, and apparently both pictures I liked had niece #1 but not niece #2 so nr 2 was butthurt about it. Gotta be careful.