Funny videos

That title is pretty untrue clickbait but I'll allow it because this is a bop.

For anyone that doesn't know (or doesn't want to click the reddit thread) the brother Ben here is Ben Seeger, an absurdist comedian and director, who left these voicemails as a joke.
This reminds me of when a Taiwanese friend of mine showed me this video of Robin Williams talking about Scotland and asked me what he was saying when he was using the Scottish accent.

This just reminded me that one of the things I’ve kept from my mothers stuff is the collection of all of Robin’s HBO comedy specials. It was one of those Time-Life collections that there’s like a 30 minute infomercial that airs in those no programming times of the day. It was still sealed in the package and I look forward to watching them soon.
This one made me belt out a guffaw of such magnitude that it startled the cat


I scared both Mr. Z and Li'l Z with my reaction. Then I showed it to them. They agreed this could have easily been any kid on Li'l Z's team today and no one would be shocked.
(... that sound, tho'... :Leyla: )