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It's practically a beat for beat remake of the original sketch.
Yup...but not as good, imho.

Part of what made the first sell is the ending...

The whole bit was how David Pumpkins was dumb, but then, at the end, when it's only the two B-Boy skeletons and David Pumpkins appears behind the couple is what sells it. How the hell did he get back there? Of course it's scary. He mystically appeared among them to ask his dumb ass catch phrase. In the remake, there's wide open space around the 'cart'...him appearing behind them is not as spooky because anyone could have walked up back there.

Plus, the 2nd one appeared a little too 'tryhard' about trying to recapture the first one..the dancing seemed a bit more frantic in a 'we better not fuck this up' kinda way, both from the SNL cast and from Hanks, and his Pumpkins voice seemed a little more over the top.
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You guys got to remember that there is actually still a large number of people out there who don't watch things over and over online.

So the original airing of the first David S Pumpkins sketch was the last time they saw or thought of David S Pumpkins.

I interpreted it as this is how you do a rerun on a live comedy show - you change it up a bit but hit all the same beats. Yeah the original was better, but it always is.

Remember how the old teenage mutant Ninja turtles show basically hit all the same beats every single episode, but we watched every single one and were hungry for the exact same thing again the next day?

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I get David S Pumpkins. I understand what they're going for.

But god do I not find it funny at all.

That said, they've always done the repeat sketch thing. The last skit of theirs I found genuinely funny was the alien abductions with Kate McKinnon and Ryan Gosling, and they also did that again later as an afterlife experience that basically hits all the same beats.

There definitely can be merit in reworking a joke.
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@PatrThom aww it got taken down.

It was a rather pithy comparison of working in an office to being part of a religious cult. The religion is called "professionalism," the deities are the C-Levels, managers are high priests, and just about everything is just a ritual for show to keep them happy - and actual "work" is incidental.

I don't know why the tweet got taken down, but the tiktok account that was the original source of the video has also gone private.