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I can picture the neighbors looking out their window at these idiots. I mean, they probably aren't playing the music that loud so it's just these guys out in the street doing pelvic thrusts in masks.
Real answer: Chemicals Between Us by Bush.

My first girlfriend in late high school was basically turned into a voracious sex monster upon hearing Gavin Rosdale's voice.
Slander. I have never once used a kiosk I was programming to play gorilla.bas, or written tic tac toe into a crestron touchpanel...

When I was a wee lad, right before I went off to university, I did a one week work experience thing at a software company. I already had a bit of experience with programming on my TI-83 calculator using a variant of the Basic language, so I was familiar with the basic concepts. So during my one week there, they taught me to use Pascal to create a basic tic-tac-toe program.

And then they took my program, optimized it a bit, and stuck it in one of their actual programs as an easter egg. I was inordinately proud.
Damn, you got the number of that cabinet contractor?

We used to live on a street that was also an entrance to a Ford auto plant. One day my brother jumped off our front porch and somehow caught the waistband of his ninja turtles tighty whities in the exact same way. As he hung there, me howling and rolling with laughter unable to help, the workers started pouring out for their lunch. He cried that they were gonna see his bare ass and I told him the only actual way you're getting out of this is if you let go of your underwear and allow the weight of your body to set you free. He whined some more before resigning to his fate, slipped out of his pants and took off into the house, full Donald Ducking it.
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