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It's yet another variation of that same sort of mobile game people don't realize is basically just a digital carnival game.

These are the "girly" ones, but I can believe there are more "manly" once where you have to pump the tires up taller on your pickup, or uh, less family-friendly themes.



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QueenBlaze: What is this song I hear everywhere these days?

Fans: "It's from the Ankha meme video."

QB: "What's the Anhka meme video"

Fans: (Sent you a link)




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Turns out it was never about the amount of sleep you get, it was always about establishing a routine.
There's a lot more to it than that. Sleep quality matters. If you've got sleep apnea, heart problems, or any of a dozen other medical issues, then no amount of sleep, or regularity of schedule, is going to fix tiredness.

The myth that you can be sleepy because you got "too much" sleep is just assuming causation when there's only correlation. Of course people who are getting horrible sleep quality because they're not breathing while they sleep are going to sleep more to try to get rest, but still feel tired after 10+ hours in bed. Staying in bed longer didn't cause it; an obstructed airway, or some other medical problem did!