Gas Bandit's DeepFake Abyss

That particular one maps one face to all faces... So no matter whose face gets used, it's gonna cross ethnic lines. I can delete that one, if you want.
Yeah, I'm thinking maybe that's one that dosen't need to be up. I know it's just how the thing is programmed, but ones that change race very obviously I think are the downside of how the program works.
Little thread/It's a deepfake village
Every post/Like a horror show
Little thread/Full of deepfaked members
It updates to saaaaayyyy...

WTF?? OMG!! Brofist! Brofist! Brofist!!!

Look there he posts, Gasbandit's got a new one
I think it's T'Whistler, can't you tell?
But the eyes are kinda crossed/ and the expression's kinda glossed/
No denying this is what we'd look like in Helllllll

Look there!/ A gif!/ Isn't that Emrys?
And there!/ A Coub!/ Could that be Snuff?
Good god!/ My eyes!/ I think that's Terrik!
Gasbandit must be corrupting Reface stuff!