Gas Bandit's DeepFake Abyss

Dropping this here (for whomever hasn't seen it yet) since this seems like the most appropriate place.

Mouth movement is still juuuust a little off, but otherwise very impressive.

I tried to do one of you in retaliation but your beard makes it so the algorithm can't find your mouth.
I'm glad we rated as high as rpgwatch, macnn, tristate tuners, and what looks like a French fantasy football league? If you're going to register spam accounts across a bunch of different forums all at the same time at least mix up the user names
Can you imagine the police caring enough about one dead black boy to still try and find out what happened years later?

Oh, sorry, not the politics subforum.
I had to look up the second and penultimate impressions. I probably should have gotten Ron Howard, but I'm too ignorant of his work to have guessed Colin Firth.