[Announcement] Halforums Party Game Night! (First Friday of every month) (Formally Jackbox)

I'm out. I have CDCA ADEX examinations on Saturday morning. Not sure about Cobra. His exam day is on a different day I believe.
So for this Friday, do we want to Jackbox, or Pummel Party, or maybe try out the new Among Us map? It looks huge, and I imagine would be frustrating with a small group though.
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Jack Party Pack 8 coming this Fall.

Word Spud 2 probably going to be one of the games.
I mean, The Word Spud thing is a huge meme in the Jackbox community. I think at best it would show up as an April fools joke, but I guess we'll see.
I am definitely up for both. Does this mean we're not going to try out the new Among Us map on Saturday night?
I just updated and poked around the new map on Among Us... ya... it's utterly massive and there are some very interesting line of sight areas and nooks and crannies. Only wandered around as crew.
Moving Out and Move or Die are free on Prime Gaming this month, both are fun 4 playerish games that could be played later in the night when people start leaving.
If there is a day we could get 10 people to commit in advance to playing Among Us, we can set up an extra day to do Airship. If you are willing and have open weekend availability, just say yes. If you have limited weekend availability, say which days work for you.