Minor victory thread

Although the OT check *wasn't* waiting for me when I went in last night, before I could say anything more than "good morning" to boss this morning, he went straight to his office to cut me a check. Deposit received and accepted by the bank app. As fast as it would have been if the check had been there eight hours earlier.
Ha, ha! Another attempted catfish! I did the whole “photo with a handwritten note” request, and got one of the worst photoshop jobs I’ve ever seen!
You know, I feel bad for your heart and being let down by all this, but you're also going to be getting some hilarious fails. Keep sharing!
I'm seeing a lot of jpeg artifacts around the text on the paper.

I have no idea whether that indicates anything, I just wanted to show that I know what jpeg artifacts look like.


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If this is another catfisher, it’s a good one. I got other photos a reverse search can’t find, but I also got the dead family line. So, red flags, but well covered.


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Something about that thumb, yeah.

I’m going to bait this one into making a mistake. We’ll see how it goes.
It looks like rather than just photoshopping the writing on the page, the entire page is photoshopped over an existing page held there. That'd would be why the thumb looks off more than anything else.


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I’m going to push for a note in a selfie every day with this one. It should wear him/her out in short order.

Oh, now we’re pushing to see a photo of my driver’s license. RED FLAG DETECTED!
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It's really weird because I can't for the life of me recall ever getting catfished on the dating sites I've frequented. I had some spam bots, but not catfish. Maybe they just don't target east coast Canadians as much or it's just pure luck or something? I have no idea.
And maybe I'm reaching but the light on the paper is cooler than the warmer lighting on everything else. Like it was taken under florescent vs incandescent.
The picture was taken in front of a mirror. The "Hi Sean" should be mirrored backwards, like the text in the back. Maybe she thought about that or fixed it in Photoshop.
Yep. Also I'm betting the entire paper is 'shopped in. Lighting doesn't match, there's a line around the tip of her thumbnail that's weird, pretty sure the original picture would show she's actually throwing up a peace sign.
when i looked into it, she looks a lot like a model for a motorcycle company, the only difference is the tattoo sleeve on the right arm.