New PETure Thread (aka: Pet Pic Thead)

Is he Large and In Charge?
Nah, that's the Beastie, Lancelot:
Beastie and Woodstove.png

Edmund will just quietly merp at you until you pay attention, and if you don't notice in a few minutes he sadly wanders off; you know, because as a cat he's naturally neglected and we never pet him for hours and hours at a time, and he doesn't get special treats whenever there's cereal or string cheese around. But the Beastie will headbutt you until you pet him, even if you're asleep. When it's time for him to get affection, he's going to get affection, dangit. He also has a bit of swagger to his gait, so he's kind of the enforcer of the house - when the little old lady cat isn't involved. She's always the boss.

Luca was not happy being left outside the ducklings' bathroom. He loves his duckees. Now we just have to hope he doesn't try to nom them like he tried with Garath when they were introduced.
Our boys.png

Our pups. Be careful with toys like that light-blue coil, they can be dangerous. Cody used to love his, but one time it snapped back and hit him in the head hard enough to make the poor baby yelp in pain - and he was confused and bit me too.

Hes behind me again isnt he.png

Such handsome boys!
What a little cutie that just ate my girlfriend's custom fitted mouthguard that will cost over $1000 to replace got lucky that my girlfriend kept her mouthguard on the counter.

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In about a year, our resident goblin has gone from seething hatred for the little haunted bean to recognizing her worth as a dakimakura.




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3 days on the road, and I come home to this. Ah the joys of owning a cat.


That's a 2'x2' tile, by the way. So that is a sizeable barf puddle.


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At least the tile is easy to clean!
Definitely easier than carpet would have been, yeah.

But it still took 3 passes with scrubbing bubbles, a good bathroom brush, and finally following up with a Magic Eraser.

He must have puked within minutes of me leaving sunday afternoon.
Bought a new cat tree on Saturday. Haven't gotten a shot of all 4 on it, but here's the crew sans the boglin:


All 4 limbs in the air, for maximum comfort: