New PETure Thread (aka: Pet Pic Thead)

We took Luna to the vet today and she was spayed. She’s very groggy and sleeping it off, hopefully for most of the night. She’ll be wearing the cone of shame for a few days at least
Aww, poor Luna.

We've been fostering two doggies for the past month or so, I think I've posted pics before... Anyway, tomorrow the first one is leaving to his forever home. Seems like a nice match and a good spot for him - mom works half time, dad works from home, 3 kids to play with, big yard, but I wanna keep him :cry: it's so fun to come home or get up and have that ball of affection ready to jump onto your lap :(
I absolutely planned to go into the New Year solo, but with just hours to go, the plan failed.
Meet Lore!


She's a bit of a weird dachshund as she's...erm....round enough to pass for a not-stovepipe-doggie :-D
She belonged to a little old lady who's now in the hospital and unlikely to come out again...But she hasn't been able to look after Lore for a while now, and there were some serious signs of neglect - rotten teeth, infected gums, ingrown nails, wounds on the feet, matted and felted coat. A bit scared but I've got good hope she'll warm to me.
Quite a change from the last super-active young dog, as she's somewhere around 11-12 years old, and isn't exactly the most active in the world. But just wook at those wittle eyes she's sho cyute yes she is.
Say, does that video from my previous post actually show up for anyone? I know the file's OK but I can't even see it myself on my dekstop or laptop. Just plays the sound oO