New PETure Thread (aka: Pet Pic Thead)

Say, does that video from my previous post actually show up for anyone? I know the file's OK but I can't even see it myself on my dekstop or laptop. Just plays the sound oO
Sound, no video on 3 different browsers. Download button on the bottom right works though & then it'll play.
I forgot to post my new lady. Opal!



There is a foster here that picks up dogs from Texas kill shelters and brings them up here for adoption. So this girl has had a crazy few weeks. She was thrown out of a moving car, and thankfully picked up by someone who saw it.

The vet thinks she’s about a year and a half. She’s mostly potty trained, but with everything that has happened, we have to retrain her.

After 4 days she’s finally starting to run around outside, and she’s found one toy she’ll chew on. She’s slowly making it back to normal.
We have the daughter’s full blood Husky and her 13 year old Pug with us this week (and last) and things were going well at one point.

But, since this photo was taken, these two cannot be allowed in the same room together loose. The big girl on the left is my daughter’s and she’s a little out of sorts since she’s not home and her people aren’t here. She is super jealous of anyone else getting any attention, and has started several real fights with our Husky mix. So they will spend the rest of this week separately in different rooms or kennels as I’m going to Missouri to help pack the kids and get them moved to Waco.
Oh the NOISE it will produce! Pomeranians and Huskies are both very vocal, expressive breeds...
Our Husky is really pretty quiet, she’s more about whacking you with her paw to get attention. It’s not a small paw. She’s currently sitting in the backyard and licking the snow.