New PETure Thread (aka: Pet Pic Thead)

For a Texas girl, she really loves the snow.
She looks like an elegant, graceful shadow against the snow.

...until moments later she tackled my son on his sled. She will run down the hill with him as he sleds, and if he starts going "too fast" for her tastes, she will try to slow him down "to prevent him from hurting himself". Fortunately the hill isn't big enough for either of the them to get hurt during this.
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His chair is right next to mine when I'm working from home, and he reaches up with his paw to tap my elbow when he decides it is time for belly rubs.
My wife would love for our cat to be like this, unfortunately he prefers to bite her rather than tap her. He doesn’t bite me anymore (did as kitten) because I showed him I was the bigger cat and pinned him or “swatted” him on the forehead when he tried with me. The swat was just my index finger, not a backhand or anything like that, and I would pet him after a few seconds.