Moved back to General for a short time. I just received a message from Mikko's dad, Timo. He sent a document about the funeral which I have attached for download. It's about 17 MB so it's kind of big. I'll reiterate what it says here.

The document has pictures of both the memorial and the gravesite in Turku. And just when I thought I was finished crying, he said the priest sang this.

Oh damn... something's in my eye.
I can't say I have felt much grief for NR passing, I have never been one to cry, But I say again nothing can ever fill the hole that grand human being left with his passing in our lives.

Vaya Con Dios buddy, you earned this rest, may it be a peaceful one.
Yep... lost it during the song. *sigh* I really wish I didn't need to explain to my family why I'm crying each and every time something like this happens.


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Last note.

Mikko's parents have accepted the donation and stienman is going to get it to them this week. I realize that Mikko's passing was a dark spot in our history, but it's also one that showed us and especially Mikko's parents that his life was brighter than any darkness could extinguish.

From his father, Timo, to all of us.

Dear David,

We, Mikko's parents, have understood, that you, Halforumites, have collected money for cost to make a visit to Mikko.
Now when situation is changed, you are desired to give those moneys to us on Mikko's memorial.

We have talked about the matter and we will accept to receive the donated funds very humble and feeling grateful to all of you.

Last past two years are gone as you write on your messages and now we must continue our own life together. It will be - "before and after". We must be grateful all of those 30 years and live with the memories. Mikko will be always in our minds.

If you David or someone Mikko's well-knowing HFmite sometime in the future will visit Finland and Turku, do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone, we want to be your host as Mikko.

Regards to you and all members at Halforums

Leila and Timo


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They have received the donations.

we have received funds from you

USD 1 955,00+
EUR 1426.17+
Date 23.01.2014
We are very pleased and grateful
Thank you very much.
Leila and Timo Metsälä
Well done, folks.