*sighs, turns over "DAYS SINCE LAST MASS SHOOTING IN AMERICA" sign to 0*


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2 dead, 14 wounded in mass shooting in Rochester, New York

" Officers, Simmons said, are still interviewing witnesses to get more information about how the shooting started and learn more about the suspect or suspects.

"When police arrived at the scene, Simmons said officers saw 100 people running to and from the location. Up until the 911 call came in for the shooting, there were no calls to complain about the large gathering, he said."
There were only three reported injuries, but it could've been a lot worse. Best guess is that it was detonated early after being discovered, and that it was actually meant to be used at a different place/time.
Christmas feels like the worst day to do a terrorist attack (die hard joke here) since you dont have people densely packed together.


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It seems to actually be better if you've got a statement to make, as opposed to just using a cause as an excuse to slake your bloodlust. The optics of carrying out a terrorist attack, in broad daylight, on Christmas... and getting away with it... may make more people sit up and take notice of you and your message than if you gun down a theater.

Because as is often lamented, we're now inured to casualty numbers. So it may be a paradigm shift toward a more "counting coup" kind of situation.


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...but there was nothing about the corner where the bomb went off that screams LIBS or GOP.
Maybe that wasn't the intended corner.

Or maybe, as my mom theorized, it was someone trying to commit insurance fraud because of the pandemic. There's a lot we don't know yet.
Oh wait... AT&T has a switching station right where the RV was parked.

Cell service was down in most of Nashville today.
Looking into it there are a few things we know.

The reason the cops were there was a call about shots being fired.

When they showed up and were near the RV, they heard what sounded like a recording saying the bomb was going to explode in 15 minutes.

They started evacuating anyone nearby and called the bomb squad but then it exploded.

They found human tissue in the wreckage, likely someone was at the epicenter of the explosion.

Best guesses?

My first theory is that the dude was planning to bomb somewhere in the city, but was simply lingering, hoping for a bigger crowd at some point between Christmas and New Years. They have not told us who called in the "shots fired" call or how many people did, so my guess is someone knew what he was planning and where he was staying and called in the tip to get police there, hoping to spook him to back out of it. Instead, the dude freaked out and thought they were on to him, gave them the bomb warning out of desperation while acting like a recoding, then, realizing there was little way he can get out of the situation, decided to just commit suicide then and there with the explosive.

My second theory is a bit more dark, but basically, someone was assassinated. Why this theory? Well, the original call was for shots being fired, and assuming the call was genuine, that means someone shot someone else in the area. Whoever it was either pre-set the RV to explode, or brought an explosive with them, did the deed to make sure the victim couldn't escape, then left the bomb on a timer with enough time for the killer to fly away into the shadows, using the recorded message as a way to keep others from getting too close. Once the bomb went off, it basically scorched any forensic evidence and blew up the victim into nothing but scattered tissue and bone, making identifying and investigating everyone extremely difficult.

Could there be other options? Of course, I ain't a detective, but these two seem like the most likely to be the cause based on what I know.
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My guess? The bomb was going to be a distraction for a bigger crime. The bomb was going to pull the cops away from other locations and then they were going to detonate it, shutting down cell service over Nashville. Then they'd hit the real target while people would have trouble reporting the crime.


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Pastor killed, two others injured in Texas church shooting

" The shooting occurred Sunday morning at Starrville Methodist Church in Starrville, about 100 miles east of Dallas. The suspect, who is in custody, was allegedly fleeing from police after an incident Saturday night and had snuck into the church to hide, Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith said.
"A pastor at Starrville Methodist Church found the man hiding in a bathroom around 9:21 a.m. when he, his wife and several others entered the church Sunday morning. The suspect fled but returned to the church amid an early morning manhunt by authorities. "

But here's the wild part, according to the Sheriff "the pastor’s firearm is the one he used." Dude fled from police, hid in a church, was found, ran away, came back to the church, took the pastor's gun and then shot the pastor. I suspect there may be more to the story.
I mean. Even ignoring the murders the gun charges are pretty cut & dry right?
Yeah, but he survived, so that must mean no actual crime was committed.
Turns out bullets actually have an unusually high survival rate, which means they're practically harmless, right?

I'm a dumb and thought this was about rittenhouse.
Speaking of...

Apparently under WI law, even though he is under 18, his parent/guardian is present so it's not technically illegal for him to be drinking/celebrating, just in bad taste.
Doesn't explain what he's doing crossing over the border into WI while out on bond, though.

I admit I don't know the stipulations of the bail, but since he's a resident of Illinois, having him galavanting around WI seemed odd.

He was in Racine, which is right on the border of Wisconsin. Milwaukee and Chicago are only 1 1/2 hours apart, and the border is directly between them.
He was in Mount Pleasant. Get it right. ;)

(The difference is what side of Highway 31 and 38 you are.)
Same shit, different shovel. It's like the difference between Germantown and Menomonee Falls. If you can piss across and hit the other and it's still a city, it might as well be the same place.