The Awesome Videos Thread (with Extra Sauce!)

I enjoy the update and creativity, but I really wish they had tweaked some of those lyrics to fit the rhythm a bit better.


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LPL continuing to show us that door locks are just for show.

A $300 key-shaped camera that you can use with a smartphone to take pictures of the pins inside the lock, then go home, make your own key, and come back later.

I want all of this*, even though it's so bad for me. Mmmmm, brie...

Actually, I feel like you could make a simplified version of this out of a baked brie. And you wouldn't need to unrind the brie or mix in the cream cheese.

*Except the olives. Someone else can eat those.
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Ok, so this is one of my favorite pieces of music in all of recorded history.

"Dido's Lament," from Henry Purcell's opera Dido and Aeneas (1685-ish or so). It has spawned other covers (which are also great) and is just a badass piece of music on its own. It uses musical techniques that were 50 years ahead of its time, which is kind of like being the 17th century equivalent of "Pop Musik." The song is originally sung by a woman who (in fine opera tradition) commits suicide after being betrayed (or double-betrayed, depending on interpretation), but is presented here as (I assume) an allegory for Humanity's betrayal of Mother Earth. Lennox's voice is perfect for giving these 330 year-old words the kind of pathos they deserve.

It wasn't until I watched a YouTube documentary series on ITV that I learned these existed. I feel deprived. THIS is how you introduce an episode...


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I've really been enjoying doing Sudoku along with Cracking the Cryptic, and this puzzle both nerdy and has an exceptionally beautiful solve. It's by no means a beginner's puzzle (took me nearly 2 hours, though I am not a fast solver), but it's not so hard that you can't easily follow along and understand each step.

Wait, are Crispers not found outside of Canada?

Holy shit, the Dill Pickle Crispers are fucking delicious. That's an all-time best snack right there.
We have something similar in America, but I don't think it's the same brand. Can't remember what it is, maybe I'll see it when I go shopping tomorrow morning.