The Awesome Videos Thread (with Extra Sauce!)


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I see this at work EVERY day and have been railing about it.

How Just-In-Time Manufacturing/delivery caused global shortages in EVERYTHING, with only a little nudge from COVID-19

I'd been telling anyone who would listen, for years, that we needed to keep at least a couple months' worth of inventory in stock in order to facilitate even normal operations. But every time I brought it up, our executives hissed like vampires exposed to sunlight, and swore up and down that being 100% inventoryless was the only way to stay efficient and competitive, because "it costs too much to warehouse product."

Well, now we're having to push back projects because our policy of "just in time" ordering of product to use to fulfill our contracts... isn't even remotely "just in time" any more.
I see this at work EVERY day and have been railing about it.
When I managed a retail establishment, I was frequently derided for my habit of ordering replacement consumables as soon as I unboxed the last whatever-it-was rather than waiting until it was just about to run out. But then whenever someone else nearby ran out of whatever, they would come appropriate my spare, which I would then have to replace. And then they would get on my case about how I was spending so much budget on consumables. :rolleyes:

Ad certainly worked on me. I watched about about 6 hours of Twitch stream one night at work for background noise and this was the only ad that played every 20 minutes or so for 6 hours. I searched grocery & convenience stores for 3 months before I finally found some at Meijer.

Not that great. The maple flavor is pretty nasty.