The Lego appreciation thread



I love legos and I don't have anything really cool to share so I am just going to be schmaltzy. The first legos I ever had was just a big bucket of them and I think there was a kit for a house in there. I loved that house set because of the lego flowers. I loved building the house and putting the flowers out in the yard and the trees.

Some of my fondest memories were building lego buildings with my Uncle or I'd serve lego food to my Great Uncle. Still get nostalgic around legos.
I have the Lego Star Wars advent calendar. It's pretty spectacular (pictures under the spoiler tag are of the first several days' prizes, spoiler'd for size and just in case someone's saving this year's calendar for 2012, or something):

p.s. pay no attention to the recommended age on the box...
I had the Lego Pirate Island and my little brother had the Lego knight castle.When we got into a fight,we would destroy the others castle instead of beating each other.
In times of peace we build houses.
The kids are each getting a box of 1600 Legos for Christmas. Because they like Legos? Absolutely. But more because I'm tired of them asking me to build things, and running out of the parts I need. ;)


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I was a big lego builder in my youth. Lego castle, lego spaceships, lego houses galore. Now, I minecraft... and it's wrung every last bit of block-building creativity out of me and left me a crumpled, empty rag.
I have my F1 Ferrari car, my Camper/trailer, and a whole bunch of parts to other small sets that I haven't touched in years.
My wife gave me the Lego Millennium Falcon for Christmas. Unfortunately finding a place to assemble it with a two year old running around is difficult.



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I thought they dumped oil on the carolers, and lurch just plain scared trick or treaters by being himself at the door.
I dig the franchise sets, but only because they frequently come with interesting pieces that aren't ever in the big bucket of colorful Legos.
If there's going to be Spider Man legos, then game over for me. I'd spend all my money on that.
Spiderman is expected to be part of the new Super Hero line, but no information is available as of yet. Other characters expected, but not yet seen are: Thor, Loki, Hawkeye, the Black Widow, Iron Man, Wolverine, Deadpool, and Magneto.

There is also, presumably, a minifig scale Green Lantern on the way (as opposed to the Bionicle scale figure.)