Pop quiz: when your mother’s eyes are closed and she’s in a dark room under a blanket with only the cat...she is:

a) waiting on baited breath to hear every ounce of drama both real and manufactured that you wish to share

b) asleep because she had a crazy drama filled day and a super wild migraine

Omg the kids kept coming in all night $&@!%<£!!!!!! They had hobo love just down the hall. I needed the one evening to flop after today.
He's just poking the bear. There's no sex change that I know about*.

*Unless it was in a private group or one of the Portuguese language posts I didn't bother to have Google translate.
Yep, I'm too bloody hairy to pull off any drag, much less a sex change.
Now time to do my 5-year cycle of going through every band, meme, movie and tv shows you guys recommended the past half decade.
This sparks joy.
The entire Grohl-Nandy feud is what we need more of in 2020.

Had a leakage in my kitchen last sunday morning. Water came out under the tall cabinet with the build in fridge. The old warm water pipe corroded and the pipe goes behind the cabinet. Not the best start in the day. Thankfully the plumber came on the same day and since it's an insurance case I didn't have to pay him. I still had to remove the fridge and cabinet, which is annoying if you have to it all alone. Still feeling it a bit in my shoulders. At least I could clean the place.

What's behind the tall cabinet

After with new pipe:


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No joke, I named my Villain Group in City of Villains "The 43rd Annual Convention of the Grand Mystic Royal Order of the Nobles of the Rice Cake Heroes Memorial Shrine".

I had to change the last part to appease the little woman, because she wanted our name to be the Rice Cake Heroes.


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So... uh... apparently today, Chris Evans accidentally posted a picture of his dick on his instagram. It was taken down quickly, but nothing goes away on the internet, just saying.

But like a boss, he decided to use the attention it garnered to say...

At least he has a sense of humour about it, but how in the hell does one post their own nude to their own Instagram?

Especially a celebrity who should have a team and/or agent.
What if Shaggy and Dr. Watson switched places.
Why not just a Shaggy Holmes & Dr. Scoob AU? The rest of the cast could fill in the roles of Lestrade, Mycroft, Irene Adler, etc. It would be like one of those “Gilligan Has A Dream“ episodes of Gilligan’s Island.