one of the inputs was a win98 box. It was the most crucial one because it had the software that monitored the steam turbine.
98 still allowed direct access to hardware. I am expecting a tipping point where enough people realize that those "We still have a Win98 box to do that" jobs can be done with Raspberry Pi...assuming the person who set up the W98 machine is still alive and not too senile to translate it over into Raspbian.

I'm obviously not at all allowed to make any points about any particular company I may or may not work for. But I have it on... First hand... Good authority that a lot of big companies in all kinds of sectors have this issue.
Half the stuff still runs on Mainframes in COBOL or worse, and the rest is win95/winXP machines that have to be exempted from all network security stuff.
Any newfangled web/cloud versions to replace'm tend to be more bug prone, more failure prone, etc
I had a mild cold last week, nothing too bad, just some headaches and sniffles that have devolved into a lingering cough. My wife and I immediately initiated our "someone got sick" protocols, which mainly involves kicking me to the guest bedroom, or as we call it these days, the quarantine ward. This strategy often works well; for example, when she caught Covid last year, I managed to avoid catching it from her.

Anyway, last Friday I was pretty much on the mend, so I sliced up some watermelon for her after dinner and served it to her, and then on Saturday and Sunday she realized she caught my cold. This is more inconvenient for her because she's a schoolteacher so she needs to talk a lot, and having a sore throat or a scratchy voice is not good for her. So she spent a lot of the weekend smacking me upside the head for giving her watermelon tainted with viruses.

So let this be a lesson to you all. Lax implementation of quarantine procedures can lead to getting smacked.


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Lately my YouTube has been driving me nuts. After about a second it pauses. After unpausing it plays fine. Cleared browsing history, etc. Finally sighed to myself and did what I knew I'd need to do - individually closing out extensions until I found the one interfering. Since YT has started their whole adblock thing I started with my 5 blockers first. Turns out it was Ghostery. So on YouTube I only have FOUR adblockers active.
This morning, on my way to work, I noted that the lady walking in front of me had dropped her scarf, so I picked it up off the ground, tapped her on the shoulder, and showed her the scarf. I would've called out to her instead of tapping her on the shoulder, but she had earphones in.

But when I tapped her, apparently it startled her so badly she pretty much jumped a foot into the air and shrieked. This caused me to drop the scarf.

The end result is that we both walked away rather embarrassed, her due to her overdramatic reaction, and me due to my butterfingers.