The Super Dooper Canadian Thread (now with 47% more Canadian Bacon)

Hello Canadians brothers and sisters and other assorted siblings,

The idea is growing to make a long trip to Western Canada as our honeymoon, either next year or 2022. Yeah, our plans are very concrete, thanks for asking.
Anyway, the idea is mostly a romantic get away from cities and people and all the too-much-stimulants etc, so taking a camper and going out somewhere into the wild, driving from nature reserve to park to whatever. Pretty standard idea :p
So now I'm looking for suggestions, offers, things to avoid, things to see, etc.
Preference of "romantic", "comfortable", 'not too much pressure to arrive on time", and "we can move around freely".

Also, no trying to convince us to turn into Doomie food.
I've never been, but Banff/Lake Louise seems mandatory if you're trying to do romantic in western Canada. Warning: the hotel in the picture that looks perfect is stupid expensive.

I’d be happy to suggest National Parks if that’s what you’d like :)

Are you looking to camp at all?
We're hoping to do most of the trip with an RV/camper/mobilhome if we can find something affordable and comfortable. Probably try to add a few days on the front or back in a hotel for more comfort :)
It's not Western Canada, but I'd recommend Gatineau Park (and the whole Petite Nation region of the Outaouais, really). It really is lovely, AND we'd actually get to meet!
Will get more into this when I get home for you but I live in Vancouver. Can give a few options I've been to.

Well, I don't live in Vancouver, real people don't and can't afford to live in Vancouver. But close enough.
Chilliwack is pretty, but I prefer Abbotsford. Are you in the 'wack? If so we're practically neighbours! Fraser Valley for the win!
<----Surrey, and no I don't prefer it to either. But it's cheap.

As for Vrii, I don't believe they are out this way anymore. Ontario now I think.
<----Surrey, and no I don't prefer it to either. But it's cheap.

As for Vrii, I don't believe they are out this way anymore. Ontario now I think.
I avoid going closer to Vancouver than Langley if I can.
Yeah, I'm stuck in Ontario again now. Was in Vancouver for school, ended up making a weekend trip to Chilliwack for a friend's bachelor party.
If you can get to Vancouver Island, the whole place is gorgeous (though I'm biased since I grew up in Victoria). And if you're on the Island, you can also check out the Gulf Islands (acessible via car ferry) - lots of interesting things there too, and also gorgeous.
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, y'all! I had today off and played video games all day because I'm a lazy slob.

I'm thankful for my doomweasels, my plans to conquer the world, and my Halforums family, who may or may not be spared the Scampering because honestly, it's going to depend on how I feel when I push the button. ;)

No, really, you'll all be spared. You're just going to be my willing slaves.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Canadian thanksgiving is worse than ours since ours is forced into being a 4 day weekend.
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