[Movies] The Upcoming Movies Trailer Thread

Quantum Leap (2022)

This looks fun. I'm in. Hopefully we get some kind of appearance or cameo from Scott Bakula. Then again, maybe that's a monkey's paw wish and he'll turn out to be a villain. That'd be neat.

It's a continuation of the old series instead of a reboot, so apparently one of the driving questions of the show will be "what happened to Dr Sam Beckett?"

Honestly they wouldn't even necessarily need Scott Bakula. I would mark out so hard just from seeing a character randomly turn to look in a mirror and mutter "oh boy". In fact that's my WMG for how the first (sixth?) season ends.
It looks like one of these old live action Disney adventure movies from the 60s. But the trailer makes it look bad. I didn't even realized it's a Disney movie at first.
It looks like one of these old live action Disney adventure movies from the 60s.
You're right. The aesthetic very much reminds me of Fantastic Voyage (1966).
But the plot reminds me more of somewhere between Jumanji (1995) and The Mitchells vs the Machines.

There was a chemistry he had with the cast, especially with Danny Pudi, that was one of the cornerstones of why the show was so good. It is/was truly an ensemble cast, and when you take one person away, it's a big deal.

...except Chevy Chase. Fuck that bigot asshole.
Yep. Rewatching the show, Pierce was just constantly unlikeable. He made for a good thorn in the side of everyone, but the show out grew him.

I would even argue the show was largely fine without Shirley, too. I didn't hate her character, but she wasn't a huge loss.

Losing Troy absolutely was, though. The biggest problem is it left Abed with no one to really play off of. They tried putting Annie in Troy's spot and it honestly didn't work for the most part.
Yeah, looks like Glover is unconfirmed, which really just means they got the deal set with Harmon and the core cast that was left at the end of the series (McHale, Jacobs, Pudi, Brie, Jeong, Rash). I'd almost wager they'll work to get Brown and Glover involved (both did the pandemic episode readthrough a couple years back). Not sure if they'd try to get the cast they added for season 6 (Paget Brewster, Keith David), but almost assuredly not going to have Chase involved.