[Movies] The Upcoming Movies Trailer Thread

Trailers not as good as the first trailer (which admittedly is hard to beat), and the plot seems a little contrived (but I like how it ties in well with the first movie), but Taken turned out to be a great movie, certainly the biggest surprise for me that year, so I'll definitely go see this.

Yay for mixed intentions. They have music suggesting they want a tone of somber wonder, but then have stupid dialogue that likely reveals what the movie's really like... while still continuing the mood music.
You know, I dug the first Ice Age.

I haven't seen Rio.

I'm willing to give this a chance.
Blue Sky also did horton Hear's a Who, which is by far their best work to date.
Rio was okay.... It was pulp for children. Nothing special, but I can't really say it was atrociously bad either. I terms of story and entertainment, probably about on par with the first Ice Age, though on every technical aspect obviously it's leaps and bounds ahead.[DOUBLEPOST=1342808957][/DOUBLEPOST]This is one I'm really interested in:

To be fair, using Cowboy Bebop's music will make anything look good.

But yeah, It looks awesome. I find it insanely interesting how small the world of voice acting really is. I bet John Dimaggio didn't even have to go through any sort of agents or managers in order to get like 90% of those interviews. He's probably worked with, or worked with someone who has worked with, nearly everyone in the documentary.
Yeah, listening to Rob Paulsen's podcast has really put into perspective how tiny their community is and how close knit they are. Will watch for sure.
Saw a random suggestion to play the MoS trailer with the following music. It matches up surprisingly well.

I tried to mash it up in Tubedubber, but it wouldn't load.
It's likely because of my bias, but I'm actually a little excited for the movie, now. Still very hesitant because it's Zack Snyder, who makes glorified, slow-motion porn.

As for that "I Know That Voice" trailer? Holy shit, must see. Also, I had no idea until just now that Billy West did Fry and Zoiberg!