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My response,

"Should a social media site attempt to stop people from using it as a hub to follow everything they're interested in?

"Is this a trick question?

"People use Twitter to keep up with creators. If they can't have this as their one-stop-shop for links to everything, they'll leave."

This proves that Musk does not understand social media or human beings. Blocking links to other sites makes your site less useful! People like Twitter because everyone is there, and they can get links to blog posts, and YouTube videos, and Instagram pics, and whatever, without having to jump around to a bunch of other sites to find out what's going on. The more content they have to go elsewhere to hear about, the less time they spend on Twitter, and the more likely they leave and never come back.

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.
Tesla stock fell -8.05% today. It is down -55.95% since its highest price in January.
Is this some sort of american thing?

Because, in my experience with numbers, if you say something went down, you shouldn't use the "-" sign before the amount, since it's basicalyl a double negative then.

From The New York Times:
Mr. Musk's erratic and hands-on style has thrown off a number of workers, as he often interrupts meetings seemingly at random, talking for long stretches and asking some top leaders to be sounding boards for his ideas[...] He has also asked some leaders to snuff out the sources of leaks to the press and anonymous posts on social media sites [...] and is focused on eliminating people inside the company he believes are opposed to him.
"UnFeTtErEd FrRe SpEeCh"
If you randomly flit about the company, firing people, they will sooner or later ALL be opposed to you. This would be like punching your employees in the face in order to determine who is angry with you.

Twitter just banned every 3rd-party client from using its APIs. WITHOUT any kind of warning to the developers.
No more Twitterific, Tweetbot, etc.
No word on whether this will also prevent the people who do things like wiring up their office chair to tweet every time they fart.

And why wouldn't they? They've fired half or more of their staff, they've put back the nazis and the abusers, they've started charging money for it, but all of the mainstream media and influencers are so far up their ****** that they're all stil lther. Twitter user amounts aren't falling meaningfully. As logn as people put up with it they can go further and further.
It's the same as horse armor DLC. Sure, there's plenty of fallout and bad publicity...But in the long run people won't kill the system so they'll adjust and continue, and presto, new source of revenue.
I have a feeling the revenue you earn won't even surpass the 8 dollar a month fee you need to be verified. Just not getting Blue would be a net gain.