WandaVision Spoiler Thread

Okay I will spoiler it just in case though.
Wanda at the climax is going to expand the Hex so that it merges with the rest of the world. However, due to the unstable nature of it with Wanda there, she is going to exile herself into the multiverse to protect her family (maybe even take Agatha with her). Without Wanda to influence it, the Hex merges with the rest of our reality until it all becomes a singular reality again, only with Vision and the twins alive. The Loki series will be dealing with the aftermath of this event, as the group he works for deals with the issues of multiple dimensions and timelines and will have one hell of a problem with merged realities, and will lead into Doctor Strange stumbling into her during his movie while he navigates the multiverse.
That would actually would be an interesting take on it, and I can see it happening if the little temple under her house was always physically there. Like, maybe her remains were in the temple and the very act of creating the Hex brought her back to life, and now she too is trying to figure out how to leave it.
I had to look up Agatha Harkness because I only know her as Franklin Richards' nanny. Oh, I see Scarlet Witch has hands on murdered her once.
I still think Agatha is working or being forced to work for some bigger bad. This show is meant to set up Multiverse of Madness and I believe Nightmare has been mentioned as the villain of that movie, so I don't think it would be far off to have the plot in the show resolved only to have the bigger bad teased at the end in a similar vein to how Thanos was shown being behind things at the end of the first Avengers movie.

I'm kinda hoping Dr. Strange shows up at the end to dispel the Hex and break Wanda out of her fugue state. He's supposed to be safeguarding against magical threats, even showing up quickly when Thor & Loki came to Earth in Ragnarok in order to get them on their way faster, so where is he now?
You know, when I saw the trailer for this show, I thought the actress that plays Agnes looks a lot like Idina Menzel. And now that they've actually got her singing, I'm sad they didn't actually get Idina Menzel.
Okay so two episodes left? And two crisis to overcome.

This week will explore the SWORD problem while expanding on Agatha, final episode is all heroes vs Sparky killer.
Fat Thor is relatable, and so I love him.

I also still love Swole Thor though, in that questioning-my-heterosexuality way.
Here we go. Episode 8.
* Agatha is not really good at keeping secrets. "Talk!" - "No!" - "Talk!"- "Kay..."
* A very disturbing take on "witch trials"
* Kathryn Hahn is fantastically hammy and vile. I love it.
* And just like that Wanda's obsession with sitcoms suddenly has become so damn depressing.
* Wanda and Pietro's ability to absorb power from the mind stone without perishing does make more sense knowing that they already had some level of powers beforehand.
* Love the meta analysis of why sitcoms are funny thrown in to this episode.
* Wanda and Vision growing closer over sitcoms makes it equally cute AND depressing.
* I'm guessing that West View was nice before the Snap but the 5 years of losing so many probably messed it up like that neighborhood in Endgame when Antman comes back.
* "Scarlet Witch!"
* Hayward is a very very naughty boy. He lied about Wanda taking Vision and has now created a Pseudo-Vision.

Unless they are going to throw something crazy into the final episode I think we can rule out multiverse theories for now. Also, Wanda's powers, despite being very powerful, don't seem to be the result of any deals or cooperation with other powerful beings. Agatha isn't even behind Westview. She's just gone along with the madness to know more about Wanda.
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I'm a little slow on this part, but I just realized this as I was watching: the deed says they live on Sherwood Drive(?). Sherwood Schwartz was the creator of The Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island. Nice touch, show.

Even though I knew it was coming, the bombing still made me jump.

And I really wanted an update on Monica and Darcy this week!
* Wanda and Pietro's ability to absorb power from the mind stone without perishing does make more sense knowing that they already had some level of powers beforehand.
Are we even sure at this point that the stone did anything more then react to her being "The Scarlet Witch" ? Apparently, now even in the comics that's some sort of magic title.

And i found it interesting that they (as in Hydra) don't mention trying it on the brother after. Seeing how she can just manifest a whole new Vision, there's no reason to assume she didn't just give Pietro his speed herself.
Damn what an episode. It was nice to learn why Wanda loved old television, being that her father sold old television tapes and DVDs, was a smart move tying in why she made everything into sitcoms. The bombing, I knew it was coming but I was not ready for it.

I really like how they threw in Wanda's mutant origins and powers. Yes, not with the "mutant" part, but showing that she had some sort of abilities over probability (or as Agatha called it, Probability Magic) that allowed her to literally "will" the bomb into a dud. This also ties in nicely with the toaster commercial, as the bomb represented in it was not the one that killed her parents, but instead the one that would have killed them but didn't.

The next part I am going to spoil just in case.
Agatha implied that Wanda is the legendary Scarlet Witch, someone that can literally create anything she wants using "Chaos Magic", however, we saw Wanda interact with someone in the Mind Stone that looked very similar to her comic counterpart, bathed in the glowing golden light of the Mind Stone before she collapsed. Now I can't father all the dots that need to be filled to make this happen, but I am 50% sure that the being seen in the Mind Stone is going to end up the MCU version of Arcanna Jones.

Not sure how many people noticed, but "Dottie" is a comic character. We know this because her husband is named Philip Jones, and Philip Jones is the husband of Arcanna Jones, another Marvel hero and magical user. Much like how Wanda's magic and style has a red motif, and Agatha has a purple motif, Dottie has a yellow or gold motif. Yes, I think there is a THIRD magic user stuck inside Westview who has been playing along. Of course, her inclusion could just be a total Chekov's Gun situation, but I think the person in the Mind Stone was her, likely some sort of ying to Wanda's yang, and somehow even helped bring out her latent powers using the Mind Stone as a conduit. I guess we will find out next episode.

I totally was shocked when Wanda left SWORD without Vision's body, because it made me wonder how she brought him back to life. Then he just gets conjured up by her power and I was like "Wait but what about SWORD! They said she stole him!" and then boom, we find out Hayward lied that whole time and still has Vision's original body. He was only trying to get the Vision from the Hex to attempt to bring the real Vision back online. 100% believe that by the end of the next episode Wanda is going to "merge" the two Visions so that the Hex version consciousness now lives inside the white versions body. Perfect setup for a Vision return. This does not explain how they are going to keep the kids alive though.

Update : Ah fuck, looks like I was wrong about the being in the Mind Stone. It looked like Wanda because it WAS Wanda. Someone cleaned up a still frame of the beings appearance and it's played by Elisabeth Olsen in a very Scarlet Witch reminiscent costume. She might have literally unlocked her own powers, or the stone gave her a vision (OMG!?) of who she will become.
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And i found it interesting that they (as in Hydra) don't mention trying it on the brother after. Seeing how she can just manifest a whole new Vision, there's no reason to assume she didn't just give Pietro his speed herself.
This is exactly what I was thinking. I think what happened is they retconned it so Hydra never actually gave them their powers, as the Mind Stone kept killing all the other volunteers. Wanda had some sort of latent magic, being born as the Scarlet Witch, that gives her powers over probability, reality, and creation. When she came into contact with the Mind Stone, the being that showed itself inside the stone unlocked her powers, using the Mind Stone more as a conduit, and Hydra just worked off whatever fluke happened with her and the stone.

Then, while Wanda was attempting to get the hang of her new abilities, she subconsciously gave Pietro his speed speed, fearing that she would be alone as Hydra's guinea pig. This could explain how "Fake Pietro" could also go at super speed, because there is nothing specifically saying Agatha gave him that power, it could have been Wanda's subconscious simply "wishing" for the fake Pietro to be the real one, and thus his powers manifested all the same until Wanda realized he was fake, thus stripping him of his power.
Feel like I am spamming a bit in here but I love talking about this show.

We see near the end of the episode that Vision bought Wanda the property in Westview before he died. What's funny is, since a deed is a legal document, Vision had to put down a full name, so he put his name as "The Vision", with "The" filling in for his lack of a first name. This means as far as legal documents go, his name is "The Vision". This means that should the two of them been married, Wanda's legal name would be...

Wanda Vision.
So I'm a little bummed that apparently Fox Pietro was for no real reason. That could of course change, but as of now.