[Thread Game] #Whamageddon 2020 - WHAM HARDER

2 1/2 hours until I'm in the safe zone. I'll pour one out for the homies tomorrow. Gone but not forgotten.
For everyone still in, I found this useful video that's basically the introduction and first four lines of Never Gonna Give You Up played in a loop. Put it on repeat and not only will it drown out anyone playing the song, it'll be stuck so firmly in your head that even if you do hear the song, you probably won't recognize it.

I knew I was getting played but I did it anyway. I had to know if Bham had it in him. No one is that much of a sick son of a bitch, right?

They say the devil comes from below. Keep lookin' at the ground though and you won't notice him right next to you.


(referee runs out to the middle of the pitch)
(points at @bhamv3)
(pulls out a red card)

ANNOUNCER: "OH! Oh, he's sending him off for unsportsmanlike Whammageddon! Oh, and he was so close, too, in extra time, even!"
It was played at my GF's christmas eve party last night. Thank god I was already out because I would've been so pissed to lose that late.
I may have been WHAM!med, but what I’m most happy about is that I haven’t heard that danged hippopotamus song even once.



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I may have been WHAM!med, but what I’m most happy about is that I haven’t heard that danged hippopotamus song even once.
The Christmas Shoes is my bane.

I honestly have no idea if I survived or not. A few days ago there was some version of "Last Christmas" playing in the background of a friend's Instagram story, but it didn't sound like Wham! to me, so I don't know, and my anxiety and depression have been too bad for me to care.
As far as I know, I'd never heard Last Christmas (or The Christmas Shoes). I finally went to YouTube to listen and... eh. If I ever heard them while out and about I'm not sure it would register as anything different from the rest of the Christmas muzak. Stores need to play more Christmas in Hollis.
It is December 1st, 2020. I heard the song today while walking by a store. I was all like, we're not even officially playing Whamageddon this year yet but I STILL got whammed.
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I don't listen to the radio or streaming music.
But I still will probably go to the grocery story 3-4 times this month.
I might be ok this year ;)

Definitely won't be done in by the taqueria that did me in last year.
Oh no, I learned my lesson last year! I like my Christmas music, and I like this song, so I am NOT spending weeks trying to avoid it. Let Wham!ness wash over me!!!!!

(Ironically, I haven't heard it yet this year, even on my own Christmas mix.)
So I was in an office yesterday, working on a system. The person whose office it was had a local Christian station playing, so of course, it is wall-to-wall Christmas music. A cover version of Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is You" by some group I've never heard of played and it was terrible. Right at the end, I was thinking to myself, "Wow, that was painful." and then I got Whammed.

Got through all of last year unscathed and didn't even make it to December this year.
I've heard it thrice this year so far - but all before December first, so it doesn't count.
Though I like the song and won't really be trying to avoid it - two of the times I've heard it were from my own Spotify Playlist :cool:
Anddddd.... I’m already out. Pulling the car out of the garage to go to band practice, wife has Christmas music on, and my all time top most loathed song is on as the satellite radio picks up (Santa Baby), I hit the preset for a different channel and.... BOOM! WHAM!ed.
Now on to avoiding that other song as much as I can.
Outside of the youtube link on the first page of this thread, I don't think I have ever heard this song. Odds are if you don't count this I should survive.