[Thread Game] #Whamageddon 2020 - WHAM HARDER

One of the streamers/Youtubers that plays Among Us with the people I normally watch made his own Christmas album so he could play it without getting a DMCA strike. It also includes Last Christmas, which made me panic when I heard it until I remembered it doesn't count. :p

Was watching a tiktok video on facebook. Had nothing to do with christmas, but as soon as I turned on the sound, unlicensed christmas music. Thankfully, it was Mariah and not Wham.

about 25 hours left to go. But between covid and not doing shit for the last month (ok, 10 months), i feel like it's a hollow victory.
Heard a cover in the store today. Still good, though admittedly I haven't really been paying attention for more than the last week.
20201224 11:33:27 AM EST and I'm out.

Coworker got himself fancy new Bluetooth speaker and brought it in to show off and specifically requested that song from his phone to demo it.
Thanks. Thanks a lot, buddy.

Less than 12 hours to go, and I don't intend on leaving the house. Only a random snatch while changing channels might get me now. Never made it this far before, but yeah, it's an easy year for it.
A little under nine hours to go as of this posting (though our Hawaiian contingent has not joined us in the challenge).
I made it this year, too, but Bones should get hall of fame status for dodging it this year.
I did the same thing last year, worked Bed Bath & Beyond (and still do for 3 more days) and made it without hearing it. Out on day 1 this year due to satellite radio and Santa Baby.
I went to a department store today. Apparently they haven't swapped out their Christmas playlist yet, cause I got whammed again. It felt like a follow up wham, like when the dead killer in a slasher movie suddenly jumps up to scare the protagonist one last time.


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The closest I came was a friend who was doing Twitch Sings Christmas music with his kids. He announced that was his next song so I muted him.

Other than that I heard almost 0 Christmas music this season and it was amazing.