What are you listening to II: Electric Bogaloo

Was waiting for Axel F. and Jump, was not disappointed.
And I wholeheartedly agree on that last one.



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I SO wish I had been aware of this song when I was making a certain video series years ago...

Until the camera went in for a closer shot, I thought she was just using arpeggiators.

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I'm actually not against EDM, it just usually all blends together in a kind of funky noise. This one is distinct and the video is amazing.
They get points for blending in "I Feel Love."
Gonna put it right up there with More and maybe even Lazar*.

*This was included in one of the first animation festivals I attended, probably 1988 or so. And it shows.
My dudes, you may remember that, back in early April, Bandcamp waived its cut of the revenue generated by artists' sales on its site. People responded with a massive downloading spree, bogging down the servers and generating $4.3M (800,000 items were downloaded in all, 19 of those were me, yay!)

They're doing it again next Friday (May 1st), so if you've got some stuff you've been interested in but haven't pulled the trigger yet, that's the perfect day to do it! I've got my eye on 5 items for now, might make a leap for some more. :)


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Well I have actually discovered more EDM music. I saw a live piano performance by a guy named Alan Walker. Then I looked up the song that he was playing live. It's still his song but this time with vocals. It's amazing, frankly.

The live version:

The studio version:

Have you guys talked about "Of Monsters and Men" but I never listened? WHY DIDN'T I LISTEN?!? This group is fucking amazing.

Two examples.

I dunno why I remembered your post from...September talking about Of Monsters and Men but you may also like The Joy Formidable. Similar sounds but they hit a bit harder.

A month ago, the OST to Blood Machines was put up on Carpenter Brut's YouTube channel.
But even though you can search for the songs individually, they don't show up when you view his channel content (to listen to the entire album, for instance) and you'd need to know the titles to find them.
So here's a link to the OST on someone else's channel instead of the artist's (sorry!) because YouTube is being a YouTube.

(The YouTube page for this video lists the timestamps for each song, if you want to skip around)
Alternatively you can go to Brut's page over on Bandcamp if that works better for you.

I didn't think it was solid enough to post about, but dang if it doesn't set my 80's all a-tingle.