What are you listening to II: Electric Bogaloo

Ok so I'm not really listening to it yet, but a couple months from now, I am definitely planning to.

Moby Announces New Album, ‘Reprise’, On Deutsche Grammophon
Reprise sees Moby revisiting and reimagining musical highlights from his 30-year career. Together with the Budapest Art Orchestra [...] He’s also joined by a stellar line-up of guest artists from across the musical spectrum, including Alice Skye, Amythyst Kiah, Apollo Jane, Darlingside, Deitrick Haddon, Gregory Porter, Jim James, Kris Kristofferson, Luna Li, Mark Lanegan, Mindy Jones, Nataly Dawn, Skylar Grey and Víkingur Ólafsson. Moby has shared the first track from the album, “Porcelain”, featuring Jim James (My Morning Jacket)

Since the mashup thread is currently locked, I'm-a put this here.

21 mashups of 50-60 songs each from the years 1979-1999. Each one is ~3min long (which is too short, in my opinion).
Anyways, enjoy up to about a solid hour of pure, uncut nostalgia, depending on when and where you were born.



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There was a bit of a dry spell, but he's back at it again.
Ricky Steamboat/Chicago Bulls fans, prepare to take a trip back in time:

I hate that the Bulls started using this as their entrance music. Now everybody does it. And to me it's not THE BULLS ENTRANCE SONG it's the lead in instrumental to Eye in the Sky.

Still, I fucking LOVE Alan Parson's Project and think it's great when people do things like this to give them visibility to younger crowds.


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Since the musical episode of Lucifer, I've been listening to a lot of Tom Ellis's musical numbers from the show:

I need more of Tom Ellis singing in my life.
This is one of the best covers I've ever heard.
Here's probably my favorite cover, probably because they make it sound like such a mournful reprise. It's the version that would play during the credit scroll, or perhaps during the funeral/wedding of the main character after Metallica's version plays during the big action climax.